‘Except for a few details…’ The Elevator Trilogy (Short-Short Stories To Clear Your Head)

Hi, everybody.  Last week’s short-short story, “Imaginary Mary,” was the 57th and last in my “Except for a few details…” series.  I’m busy working on a new book and still looking for an agent to rep other books I’ve written for upper elementary and middle school readers.  …Or maybe an agent who can encourage me to turn one or more of my short-short stories into movie scripts.  Wouldn’t that be nice?  If you know one, an agent that is, who is looking for new material, email me his or her contact information and I’ll take it from there.

If you’ve been reading my stories all along, thank you!  If, on the other hand, you’re new to my short-short stories, you can find all 57 of them by clicking  “Except for a Few Details.”

So, goodbye for now – except for the “Missing the Point” op/eds I publish weekly in the “Commentary” section.

Let’s wrap it up where I started, by re-running my very first short-short story, “The Elevator Trilogy.”  It’s one of my favorites.

Enjoy the read.  It may be just the break you need.  And be sure to take care of yourselves.




-Les Cohen

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