Everything You Need to Know about RVDTs – and How to Choose the Right One

There are various types of electrical transformers available on the market and from different manufacturers today, but the RVDT, or the rotary variable differential transformer, is one of the most essential ones which plays a vital role when it comes to the measurement of angular displacement. Typical rotary variable differential transformers make use of non-contacting, brushless technology in order to ensure reliability and long life in regard to sensing position and resolution. RVDTs are capable of repeated performance, which guarantees the most accurate sensing of position even in the harshest and toughest conditions of operation. If you are looking for the proper RVDTs for your needs, here’s everything you need to know about them – and how to choose the right one.

What it does

Rotary variable differential transformers are electromechanical transducers which can provide an AC current voltage output which is variable and proportional to the displacement of the RVDT’s shaft. When an RVDT is energized using a fixed alternating current source, its output signal will be linear according to a specified series or range of the displacement.

Where you can use it

Rotary variable differential transformers are used for a wide range of applications, but some of the most common applications of this component are for flight control navigation or actuation, for fuel valves and control, for control in the cockpit, for nose wheel systems for steering, and for the actuation of missile fins, among others.

The important features and capabilities

RVDTs typically use non-contacting, brushless technology, and are distinguished by their repeatable positioning sensing feature which comes with infinite resolution. There are both frameless rotary variable differential transformers and housed rotary variable differential transformers, and the standard size is 8 for the housed variety or version. RVDTs also come with tandem or multi-channel versions, and geared variations and configurations are also available.

The benefits of RVDTs

Rotary variable differential transformers are designed and built with ultimate efficiency in mind, particularly if they are developed by experienced manufacturers. A good rotary variable differential transformer will be built to provide you with the highest performance as well as reliability in addition to being highly resistant to vibrations and shocks which are often seen in many defense or industrial environments.

Since RVDTs are built to rotate in a continuous manner, they can offer precise linear measurements. When choosing RVDTs, make sure they can provide you with high performance, stability, and repeatability, even in varying temperatures and conditions. The rotary variable differential transformer would be best built with the right materials as well, such as stainless steel (especially for the shaft). Look for RVDTs which have sensors that can be easily installed with different options for mounting as well.