Essential Motorcycle Gear

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There’s nothing like riding a motorcycle, and America is one of the world’s best places to do so. With lots of open roads, beautiful vistas, and amazing destinations to ride to, it really is a rider’s dream. The thing that will make or break your trip, though, is your gear. Here’s a rundown of essential motorcycle gear every rider should have.

Basic gear

Every cyclist ought to have some basic items, and this goes beyond obvious items that you probably already know about, like a helmet and boots. While you can ride with just a helmet, street clothes, and some boots, there are some other basic items that will make your journey a lot more comfortable.

The perfect gloves

It doesn’t matter what time of year you’re riding: you need gloves. Summer gloves are as crucial as winter ones because they protect your hands from the sun, wind, and road debris.

If you get gloves in a bright color, they can offer high visibility protection. They’ll also give you more confidence knowing your hands have a layer of protection.

Protection clothes

Serious motorcycle protection clothes like the array available from Troy Lee Designs will keep you as safe as you cruise on your bike. From shorts to shirts, these clothes are true body armor. Kevlar pads and cushions will protect your most vulnerable areas and ensure you can handle those slips and falls. Strong fabric will protect your skin from scrapes and burns.

Face mask

A face mask will keep you comfortable in all weather. While a face mask might seem most natural for chilly rides, it’s a great thing to have one even during the summer.

For the cold, a winter balaclava will help you handle even the chilliest of weather. A half face mask with vents is great for summer, as it will protect you from wind burn and dust.


Tinted visors aren’t always legal to use out on the street. Even worse, if the sun comes out or goes back in, it can be tough to stop and switch out your visor in the middle of a ride. Good sunglasses can fix this issue.

You can get glasses that will protect you from the sun, but you should also check out options that can make it easier to see in fog or cut down on light glare from cars at night.

Advanced gear

As you start to ride more and become more familiar with your motorcycle, you’ll want to move beyond the basics. For the serious rider, there are some advanced bits of gear you’ll be glad you have.

Scissor lift

You love riding your bike, and over time you may find you want to do some of the maintenance on it yourself so you can really get to know it. A motorcycle dolly will make this job a lot easier.

These scissor lifts are easy to fit in your garage but can handle over a thousand pounds of motorcycle. They’ll lift your bike up and hold it there so you can work more comfortably.

Air compressor

An air compressor is an essential piece of kit for any biker. You should be checking your tire pressure on a regular basis. If you find your tires are low, however, and it’s a couple miles to the nearest gas station with an air pump, you’ll risk damaging the tire.

All you need is a small air compressor to be able to fill your tires quickly by yourself. That way, you can have confidence that your bike is running at peak efficiency all the time.


All vehicles are equipped with an OBD port. If you take your motorcycle to a garage, they’ll plug into this port in order to read information off the bike’s computer and find out what engine lights or fault codes are all about.

With an OBD diagnostics tool, you can do this yourself. Simply plug in the tool and connect it with Bluetooth to your smartphone. An app will help you see exactly what is wrong with your bike and what the error code actually means.

Whether you’re a rider who just realized your love for motorcycles or you’ve been riding for years, gear is an essential part of the riding experience. Be sure to have the proper accessories to keep you safe and enhance your writing experience.

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