Eric Wetlaufer – What It Takes to be a Great Attorney

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There is a very large difference between a standard attorney and a great attorney and my buddy Eric Wetlaufer most certainly falls into the latter. Eric has an amazing track record of winning cases in court and he has represented both huge businesses like Fidelity as well as many men and women who simply wanted a fair trial, to be frank, I can remember a case that Eric has declined. Eric is known all around the Wesson area for being a successful attorney and if you want to achieve greatness, here is how he has done it.


Ever since we were younger Eric always had a great eye for putting a team together and he was always able to see which people would combine best with one another. Furthermore, Eric has always been able to play multiple roles in the team dynamic and he understands what is expected from each position. Within his law firm, the legal team which Eric has put together is outstanding and he has perfected his role as leader of it. Cases aren’t won alone, they are always a concerted team effort.


Many of Eric’s ex-clients and existing clients have told him how much they enjoy the level of communication which he gives them and beyond meetings and phone calls, there is always an email update for a client. The waiting period for any client can be tough so this communication is very welcome.


Nobody wins an argument as Eric does and it doesn’t matter who he is arguing against or what he is arguing, he has a brilliant way of bringing people around to his way of thinking. The ability to win an argument is of course of key importance to an attorney and one must be able to see all sides of an argument in order to be victorious over your opposition To witness Eric in a courtroom speaking with a jury is quite a sight and they almost always come around to his way of thinking


Even after working for the company for over 30 years Eric is still an avid student of law and he regularly studies old cases and new legislation to ensure that he is able to keep his finger on the pulse as an attorney. Many attorneys after the 10 or 15-year mark simply stop this additional studying but that is what makes Eric better than them all, that he still believes that there is so much to learn.


Eric is not content with dealing with his own cases he is also always looking at how he can help younger attorneys to improve and to learn more about the legal system. Eric has several young, hungry legal professionals on his books and he spends a great amount of time with sharing his knowledge and his experience. Eric has always been keen to inspire the younger generation and that is what he does on a daily basis, just another reason why he the great attorney that he is.