Elhadji Gueye on reintroducing West Africa to the global business community

These days, many people are embracing the concepts of multiculturalism and globalization.  Now that the world is facing challenging times, many are realizing how important it is to have a mindset that accepts diversity and acknowledges the strengths of others.  Elhadji Gueye, born in Senegal and raised in France, is the Chief Creative Officer of Maison de Haj.  He is the man behind the global fashion enterprise that designs and crafts bespoke suits and accessories for individuals who want to showcase their impactful presence. He is also a partner West African Ways (WAW), A global development consulting company with particular focus in West Africa.

As a businessman of West African descent, Haj Gueye believes that he has a crucial role in representing his roots.  He says, “I believe I am uniquely positioned to play a role as an economic ambassador for West Africa, weaving together an economic network for global investment in that region. Assisting West African dignitaries in attracting investment in large scale infrastructure projects and development allows me to contribute to a part of the world that has not realized its full potential.” As a global citizen, the fashion industry leader believes that through his work in Maison de Haj and his other endeavors, he can introduce more people to the various business opportunities that they can explore in West Africa.  By letting others know about these developments, he can greatly contribute to repositioning West Africa in the global business community.

In leading Maison de Haj, Haj Gueye has understood the importance of a diverse team and sources in creating a quality product. Through his West African development endeavors, he adapts a multicultural mindset that acknowledges the uniqueness and strengths that each culture has.

Hailing from West Africa, the fashion industry leader and businessman knows first-hand what countries in the region can offer to the global arena.

At present, the potential seems to be in the energy industry.

Haj Gueye shares, “I would say that the power generation projects intrigue me the most, not only for the improvement they provide to the quality of life for the region but also the immense innovation that is evolving in that whole arena.”

The potential of countries in the region to be a source of renewable energy can greatly help other countries, even those outside the continent.  Our consulting firm, West African Ways, can assist in boosting the electricity, petroleum, and the sustainable power sectors that will not only elevate the economy, but it will also serve the next generations.

Haj Gueye believes that many countries are shifting toward a global mindset, especially during these days when the pandemic and other social issues are exposing the need for people to come together to bring significant change to the world.  On the economic side of things, it highlights the different resources that each country has.  Now that the global economy has been disrupted, the limited movement of businesses and other institutions show the need for cooperation and collaboration to rebuild the various industries, including the energy sector.  For instance, as the need for clean energy increases, Haj Gueye has this to say: “I believe that Africa will lead the way, eventually, to a global shift away from polluting power sources to clean alternatives for energy.”