Easy Ways For Successful Keyword Mapping For SEO

Image by EstudioWebDoce from Pixabay

Keyword mapping, maybe it is a new term that some new online businesses listen to. But keyword mapping is there in the industry facilitating for years. Digital marketers out there are completely familiar with keyword mapping and they are using it for better rankings. But how keyword mapping can impact the SEO of your website? And how you can do keyword mapping to improve your site rankings? All these questions arise in your mind while talking about keyword mapping.

For basic information, keyword mapping is a process where we make a set of keywords and assign a web page for them. We assign keywords to our web pages and make those pages capable to rank for particular keywords. It is one of the most common SEO practices in use. Many times you will find brands and online stores are using this technique to get specific traffic on specific pages. But sometimes it feels difficult for the newcomers. So here we are with a complete guide on successful keyword mapping for SEO.

What Is Keyword Mapping?

As we have mentioned earlier that keyword mapping is a process to assign a group of keywords to a specific webpage on our website. After that, we try hard with useful content and SEO tactics to make that web page rank higher on those specifically assigned keywords.

Importance of Keyword Mapping

Keyword mapping makes a structure of topics covered on a website. And according to that structure, you will get structured traffic on your website. It will be easy for conversions because you will better know what your site audience is looking for. Simply you are classifying your content, topics and even audience with keyword mapping & that is why keyword mapping is important.

Ways To Do Keyword Mapping For SEO


Following are some tactics you can follow to do keyword mapping for better results in SEO services. There can be thousands of ways to do keyword mapping, but here we are going to mention a few of them. So let’s get started.

#1. Thorough Keyword Research

You will need deep and thorough keyword research before you start working on keyword mapping. Without keyword research, you will not be able to assign specific keywords to a specific webpage. There are hundreds of keywords for a single topic, you will need to go through important metrics assigned with each keyword. After that keyword mapping process will start, where you will need to assign specific keywords to specific webpages.

#2. Grouping Relevant Keywords

You need specific consideration while grouping relevant keywords. Sometimes keywords are not even related to each other but still, we group them for better keyword mapping. You have to choose the best keywords for grouping.

#3. Combine Bucket Keywords

There are keywords with more potential and some keywords are bucket keywords. We cannot rely on just one type of keywords and we cannot ignore the other. A combination of bucket keywords and keywords with more potential is required.

#4. Continue The Process Of Keyword Mapping

Keyword mapping is not a one-time occurring event or process. It is something like a continuous process. Keyword mapping should take place after a fixed period of automation.

#5. Search Intent Satisfaction Is More Important

No matter how strong the keyword strategy you are following on your website, if your content is not satisfactory then it won’t be able to perform well. You need to write content that serves exactly the search intent.

#6. Avoid Cannibalization & Duplicate Content

Keyword mapping is the best way to avoid cannibalization and duplicate content from any website. More importantly, when we talk about online stores or eCommerce platforms, cannibalization and duplicate content are some of the biggest problems that we face. Keyword mapping can be used to avoid such problems.

#7. Assign To Pages Smartly

Grouping relevant topics and keywords is an easy task. But choosing the right web pages on your website for the right topics or keywords is a difficult task. You need to assign keywords to web pages very smartly. If you are not capable of doing this, then you can hire an expert to do it for you because it is one of the key tasks performed in keyword mapping.


Keyword mapping is important and it can be easy if you follow the above-mentioned step-by-step guide. There are several ways to do keyword mapping for SEO. The basic formula is to get a list of relevant keywords researched for you. An SEO analyst or an agency will do it for you. After getting a list of keywords you will have to make a list of grouped keywords. Now after that figuring out all of your web pages on the website, try to assign all the relevant groups to particular pages. After doing this the next SEO process will be the same as other normal SEO campaigns. You will be working on content and keyword stuffing to make your web pages rank higher on SERPs.