Doug Poppa: EXCLUSIVE: Las Vegas Police Failed to Act as Woman was Being Murdered

**UPDATE** May 1, 2023. The cover-up that started under former Sheriff Joe Lombardo’s tenure continues under Sheriff Kevin McMahill’s reign. Sources at LVMPD say Capt. Kristine Buist is leaving the LVMPD for a high-level police position with the Vancouver PD in Washington state. Sources say that Jeff Clark may be the new commander at the South East Area Command (SEAC) and that Sgt. Cordero could be released from restricted duty and put back to full duty and that the entire incident will be whitewashed. theDOUG POPPA PODCAST has been the only media outlet reporting on this cover-up. Apparently, the death of a 74-year-old Hispanic woman who was murdered as police officers heard her screams and were told to stand down and wait for SWAT, is not newsworthy to the local media.

**UPDATE** January 15, 2023. I have recently submitted public records requests to the LVMPD for copies of the Communications Center audio recordings of this incident and for all reports completed by officers and supervisors who were at the scene. I was told that nothing will be released including body camera video, as it is an open murder investigation. Sources said officers who were interviewed as part of the internal investigation were told not to discuss the incident with anyone. I was told that sergeants at various area commands throughout the Las Vegas Valley have instructed officers at briefings that when they hear screams on similar calls, they need to take action. [Amazing police officers have to be told that.] Sources said Sgt. Cordero is still on desk duty.

EXCLUSIVE BREAKING NEWS. Episode 131. December 11, 2022. According to police sources, Las Vegas Metro police officers were ordered to stand down by their sergeant and wait for SWAT, while they heard the screams of a woman who was being stabbed to death (reportedly 68 times) in her southeast Las Vegas apartment on September 14, 2022. Contact:

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