Do You Want To Get More Home Buyer Real Estate Leads? 

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You went to a lot of trouble getting your real estate license and studying online for your exam. Getting your real estate license is a big deal, but now it’s important to find buyer leads so you can garner some commissions. 

Perhaps you’ve read about ways to find leads but wonder which works best. Below are some unusual methods to find leads to get your real estate career rolling. 

Have A Housewarming Party 

When you sell a home to a buyer, offer to throw a housewarming party. Many experienced agents say they get plenty of new leads by having a housewarming party. 

All you need to do is provide good food and drinks, as well as inexpensive prizes for a drawing, and the homeowner gives you the guest list. 

This is a fantastic way to get your name and face in front of your client’s family and friends. Because you are in a party atmosphere and just helped their friend buy a home, it’s simple to connect with guests. 

Have a prize drawing so you get everyone’s contact information, and you have possibly dozens of new leads. 

Treat Renters Like Gold

Every real estate agent gets excited when they get a new lead, but you may feel disappointed if it’s a renter. After all, you only get a tiny commission if you help someone rent a home. That’s the reason that some real estate agents ignore renters – but you shouldn’t. 

Successful agents often say they don’t need to buy leads because they work with their lessees, many of whom become buyers later. 

You can grow your leads organically by working with renters. Once the lease is up, you should have a potential buyer contacting you if you have stayed in touch with them. 

Many renters are new to the area so getting them a rental helps you to build a relationship and increase trust. When the renter is ready to become a buyer, it often takes less than two years. 

Get Leads With A Landing Page

Did you know you can get buyer leads with a landing page and you don’t even need a website? Landing pages are used with advertisements to get real estate leads through search engines, social media, and newsletters. 

You can have your designer make several landing pages to find different kinds of buyers. For example, it helps to have a specific landing page for renters, first-time buyers, and sellers. 

Use Social Media

Just as many potential home buyers and sellers find things they need on social media these days as search engines. Being active on social media helps you to build personal relationships with potential clients. You also can make yourself into the local real estate expert that people rely on. 

Some new agents aren’t sure how to leverage social media to find leads. But there’s no question that popular social media platforms help find buyers and sellers without spending a ton on direct advertising. 

In fact, almost 50% of agents say that the prospect leads they get from social media are better than from other sources. 

Too busy to work social media yourself? You can hire a freelancer to handle your social media profiles every day. Some agents use to find skilled social media professionals at a reasonable price. is often more affordable than regular marketing companies, so it’s especially good for agents just starting out. 

By using these sure-fire ways to find buyers and sellers, you’re sure to get your career off to a brisk start. 

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