Understanding the Mind of Kenyunna 

What do you do to change your life and make an impression on the bigger world? Many folks would need to have a great career in a big company. Others would suggest running for public office or becoming an actor. The folks in the last option are probably warmer, but for Kenyunna Shuntay Woodard, the Internet or YouTube.

The YouTube social media platform has been a godsend to several folks who have figured out how to use it effectively for communication. And for Kenyunna in particular, YouTube has been a career in itself. Born in 1998, she was effectively part of the Millennial generation. The Internet was already alive and well, and the 2000s were just around the corner with the first fundamental explosion of the Web. By the time Kenyunna was in her early teens, social media had become a common term. Moreover, its various platforms were about to impact U.S. national politics for the first time in history.

Courtesy photo (Kenyunna Shuntay Woodard)

However, unlike the candidates running for office, Kenyunna had a much easier time adapting to what the Internet wanted. First off, entertainment was king. People wanted to see, watch and hear exciting content. So, when Kenyunna launched his first YouTube channel in 2016, she quickly realized she had a knack for connecting with his audience. That was proven by generating at least 1.6 million unique followers online for his content. That project got so big by the time she was about to get married to her fiance’; Kenyunna was sharing the content development with his partner, the Dre and Ken Empire.

Fast-forward a little later, and Kenyunna then started a second channel focusing on her family, generating almost another quarter of a million followers with that streaming series as well. Now, she’s developing a third channel dubbed “Vibing” and trying to get that off the ground as well. However, it’s not the same YouTube Kenyunna enjoyed when she started. Things are harder to develop in terms of unique material. There’s a lot more competition that’s just as savvy and creative, and audiences are a lot more congested with choices, pulling time away from Kenyunna’s material. Currently, her third project is at about 45,000 viewers, but it has promise.

The whole experience, however, has been life-changing for Kenyunna. From a kid born and raised in Mississippi to being one of the well-known names of the digital world and parked in urban Houston, TX, she’s come a long way in a short amount of time. School and college? Not much time for that right now. Kenyunna had enough patience to get up to his second year of college, and then she simply had to take off with her online career instead. Today, she travels the planet, connects and meets regularly with people just as interesting as herself, and works full-time to maintain her following and influence on them.

Kenyunna knows nothing lasts forever. Rather than resting on her laurels, her brain is already in hyper-mode, thinking of new projects to leverage from cosmetics to clothing and product promotion. It’s a smart move and a well-traveled path, so there’s no reason it shouldn’t work for Kenyunna. One motto matters daily: stay true to yourself and ignore negativity.


YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyV2qSt7JCZDlt6moaixylw

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Dre.ken.empire/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/__theycallmeken