Do you need to have your marriage certificate translated?

Everybody has their own idea of a perfect marriage and the wedding ceremony. Some want to invite more people then they know so the whole world can witness their happiness while some prefer to tie the knot in an unknown spot surrounded by mountains and a few friends. But once the celebrations are done with, then comes the difficult part. Because then it becomes the world vs. us. It is your and your partner’s responsibility to make it work against all odds because a marriage is not only holding hands or being intimate. It is also taking out the trash and doing the laundry. And above all, it is dividing tasks and creating a balance in your life so everything doesn’t upset you regardless of its significance in your life.

Every marriage is going to have problems, and if you think otherwise, you have probably been living in a bubble. As soon as you become an adult, you will get burdened with a bunch of responsibilities and with them comes problems too. When you marry someone, you two combine your problems thinking that together you can fix everything. But life is more about trying to get through the problems even if you can’t fix them. A lot of things that we face in life are not really solvable. They require more strength and courage and as long as you and your partner decide to face it together, you will be able to come out the other end victorious. Anyone who has utopian ideas of life after marriage, needs to educate themselves before they enter in a relationship and mess up everything with their high expectations. When you get into a relationship, it means that not only your troubles but also your successes and happiness are shared.

If you don’t truly feel happy at their success then you are not a good partner. If they get a job in a foreign country or they want to move abroad to pursue better prospects, you should be ready to support them in that. And change is always good so moving to another country can prove to be a great idea. There are, however, a few problems with that. Uprooting your life from one place and starting it in another is not as simple as taking a tree from one place and planting it somewhere else. It requires a lot of effort and energy. There are a lot of complications involved with the process of immigration too. Once you are done with finding a job in that foreign land and a house to stay in, you can worry about other things too.

For instance, if you want to move somewhere with your significant other, you will have to prove your relationship with them. You can’t turn up at the airport with an arm around their shoulder and expect everyone to believe you. You will have to show proof of your relationship to the authorities if you want to immigrate to another country. But there is one problem with showing that proof and that is the language difference. If your country of origin does not have the same official language as that of the place you are trying to move to, you will have to get a translation of your marriage certificate. That will help you prove to the authorities that you are related to your significant other. A marriage certificate translation can be carried out by any reliable agency or expert translator who knows how to handle certified translations for immigration. When you get your marriage certificate translation to English, you can submit your applications without the fear of rejection.

Author. A. Huisman,