Different Hidden Problems Causing Plumbing Issues in Households

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Household plumbing problems happen for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, they can result from a mere act of throwing toilet paper into the toilet, clogging it completely, and other times, they may result from a blow to the drainage pipe while you are working nearby. However, in most cases, they occur because of entirely different reasons where you aren’t at fault. Here are the five things that can damage your home’s plumbing without coming under your radar:

Tree Roots

You may not have thought about it, but tree roots present a real danger to sewer lines and drain. Over time, they can invade any pipe made of any material — be it plastic or cast iron — causing frustration to homeowners. And if left untreated, they can even damage your home’s foundation and the overall integrity of the building. When you experience clogged drains without any noticeable cause, consider calling in the rooter experts for inspection.

Kitchen grease

It may be a bit surprising to know that grease produced while cooking is one of the most common reasons for clogged kitchen drains and pipes. Over time, grease can accumulate inside drain pipes and disrupt the flow of water, causing the overflow of water. When it blocks the drain, everything in the kitchen can get smelly and unhygienic, which is quite annoying for homeowners. To avoid the situation, use a degreaser after you are done cooking meals.

Septic problems

As a rule of thumb, nothing should go down into your toilet except your body waste. However, many people dispose of common household items such as bleach, paint, and others in their toilets. These items may clog the septic tank, which isn’t a pretty sight for most people. Make sure you avoid disposing of anything through your septic tank. To check the problem in this one, you need professionals like BFMD, LLC.

Old water heaters

A leaky water heater is a common problem that many believe is due to loose pipes and connectors. However, experts say that leakage usually occurs in old water heaters. The best way to tell if your water heater is in good condition or not is to hire the best plumber for an inspection. If found old, consider replacing them to avoid recurring repair costs. This is among the most common issues that you would find in several houses, and it can even damage your furniture and electronic products. So, call the professional today and ask them to do an inspection.

Final Note

If you have a plumbing problem in your home — be it clogged drains or a leaky faucet — we are there to provide you with quality plumbing services at the best prices at no overtime charge. Start by looking for the best plumbing services available near you. Or that you can do the web search and start browsing through the websites of different plumbing services. You can shortlist a few services while comparing their offering as well as prices to pick the most suitable one.

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