Did the Dems just lose the 2020 presidential election?

It’s appropriate that Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) wore a black dress when she presided on Wednesday evening, December 18th, over the House of Representatives when they voted for two Articles calling for the Impeachment of President Donald Trump. Black is generally the color of choice for a proceeding having a requiem/funeral theme. I recall this clearly from my altar boy days.

Unfortunately, Pelosi and the Dems thought they were burying Trump politically with their over-hyped Articles of Impeachment campaign. They were seriously mistaken! I believe that they were hurting themselves, their political party and also wasting a golden opportunity to beat Trump, in 2020, and recapture the White House.

If the Dems had chosen not to go the impeachment route, they would have had Trump on the ropes in 2020, for consistently acting like a lackey for the grasping 1 percent gang that owns about 40 percent of the wealth of the nation. All of his major policies reflect that fact. He’s a card-carrying member of that fat-cat club. 

Instead, the eager-beaver impeachers have given Trump the opportunity to do what he does best: play the role of an underdog hero, fighting in the arena of the Absurd, taking on the Mob. (Trump, as expected, described it as a “left-wing mob.”)

What is really sad about all of this grandstanding nonsense by the Dems, (they dared to recite the “Pledge of Allegiance” before plunging the dagger into Trump), is that it didn’t have to be. Since September 24, 2019, when Speaker Pelosi officially launched the probe, the country has been forced to walk through a nightmarish swamp of charges and counter-charges.

First, the accusers insisted loudly that Trump had “broken the law.” When that didn’t hold up under public scrutiny, they shifted to vague “public policy” considerations, like “obstruction of the House.” Huh? What’s that? Even some of the most ardent Trump bashers didn’t buy the case against him and, in addition, Trump’s fundraising is off to a roaring start. Plus, independent voters have been turned off with all the dirty politics. Wake up, Dems!

Can you just imagine if Pelosi didn’t go the impeachment route, she might have been able to do some good addressing the serious question of homelessness in her own city of San Francisco, and other American cities, too, such as Baltimore. The number of individuals living in poverty in the San Francisco Bay area alone is around 670,000, and growing.

Up until that September 24th date, Pelosi had stood fast against the Gang of Raging Dems, led by committee chairs, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), now known as “Shifty Schiff,” and Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY). The duo was foaming at their mouths looking to go public with their pumped-up charges against Trump and to getting their mugs on the television sets.

Well, Schiff and Nadler succeeded. The House voted along party lines, 229 to 198 for impeachment. I’m pleased to note that one of my fave congresspeople, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) declined to vote for impeachment and instead voted – “present.”

The bottom line is that the impeachment goal of Schiff and Nadler, and gang, is going nowhere fast since they don’t have the votes in the U.S. Senate. In fact, they never had the votes there, but they still insisted on putting the country through this hellish, bitter turmoil. The voters ought to ask Schiff and Nadler – “Why?”

On a piece published on September 30, 2019, I said this, in part, about Pelosi’s planned impeachment process:

“Our country will have to endure another ‘theatre of the absurd’ in the political arena for the next fifteen months, which will make the ‘Bubba Bill’ Clinton impeachment inquiry look like a picnic on the green in comparison. Expect to witness a deep, vitriolic fissure in the body politics unseen in our modern history. The impeachment process will also be bad news for the cause of social justice at home, for example; enacting a much-needed Medicare-for-all law, fighting crime and restoring our major cities, bringing gun safety measures into our reality, and many other issues close to the hearts of so many.”

Meanwhile, Trump has referred regularly to his opponents as “savages, spies, and hypocrites.” You can expect the name-calling, on both sides, to get much worse and to degenerate into the realm of sewer politics. The voters will surely be turned off. Then ask yourself this key question: Who wins when that happens?

At press time, Pelosi is hesitating on sending the Articles of Impeachment over to the Senate. Her conduct is consistent with the farcical nature of this congressional operation. Rush everybody to get the articles done and then loudly shout: “Halt!”

The American people deserve better.