Daytripping: Breakfast at Miss Shirley’s Cafe, graveyard history, and lunch at Daniela

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Blueberry pancakes at Miss Shirley’s. Photo by Eddie Applefeld.

Time once again to look at two restaurants and an iconic landmark in Baltimore. But first, a feature I know you all look forward to, my top 10 stories that caught my eye.

1)  The new King Kong/Godzilla film marks the 36th Godzilla film and 12th for Kong. I guess another one was needed because there were so many unanswered questions from the last film.

2)  Happy to see the Preakness is back to the third Saturday in May, albeit with limited attendance.

3)  Las Vegas lost six billion in revenue last year. Yet I didn’t see one less light bulb on the strip.

4)  Mike Tyson announced a limited series on his life featuring Jamie Foxx.

5)   The happiest country in the world is Finland, followed by Denmark and Switzerland.

6)  General Motors, Ford and Volkswagon will spend a combined 77 billion developing global electric cars.

7)  Items that are doing very well include bikes, puzzles, RV’s, cookbooks, and baking.

8) Joe Flacco has signed a one-year deal with the Eagles. Based on his performance in his last two cities perhaps it’s time to retire in Delaware.

9) If you want to attend Elton John’s Oscar party, you can buy a ticket at Ticketmaster. Money donated to AIDS.

10) And finally, in a shameless exhibit of self-promotion, I co-host a live one-hour show on WCBM Saturdays from 4-5 pm.

It’s called Movie Talk, but we talk about more. You can call in and win prizes.

Okay, let’s eat. And off we go to Miss Shirley’s Cafe, 513 West Cold Spring Lane, Roland Park. Open seven days (8a-3p) serving

breakfast (all day), lunch and brunch. There are two levels with seating for about 200 and that includes some private dining/meeting rooms. You can park in the back or on the street.

You might have seen them highlighted on the Food Network or on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. They have also been the recipient of many local awards, for example, the Restaurant Association of Maryland. They currently offer curbside.

Some of their signature dishes include Poppy’s fried chicken classic, Caprese avocado toast, fried green tomatoes, chicken ‘n cheddar green onion waffles, coconut cream stuffed French toast, the Maryland three-egg omelet, and, my favorite, the blueberry pancakes.

Miss Shirley’s also has locations at 750 East Pratt Street and 1 Park Place Annapolis. All are locally owned and operated.

It was named after Shirley McDowell, a very good friend of the owner….410-889-5272…

Before we head to Hampden let’s make a quick stop at the Greenmount Cemetery, 1501 Greenmount Avenue. Established in March 1838 and dedicated in June 1939 and situated on the former massive estate of Robert Oliver. When approaching you’ll see two imposing 40-foot towers and their stained glass windows.

The grounds are strewn with works of art and sculptor. The cemetery was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980 Guided tours are available at various times of the year. It contains about 65,000 people.

Its importance to the city is assured by the famous people buried here. A partial list contains these names: Johns Hopkins, Enoch Pratt, Samuel Arnold (Lincoln conspirator), ex-Mayor and Governor Theodore McKeldin, Betsy Patterson (Napoleon’s sister in law) Teackle Wallis Warfield (father of Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor), and perhaps the most infamous of them all, John Wilkes Booth.

This is a fascinating place and worth a visit…410-539-0641…

Photo by Eddie Applefeld

I know you must be famished after that excursion. Not to worry we’re arriving at a great restaurant, where my last trip there was my first, but not last. Daniela, 824 West 36th Street (The Avenue) Hampden. Open Tuesday thru Sunday (lunch & dinner) and operated by Daniela and her son Stefano. She is from Sardinia Italy and has brought with her great food from that region.

Seating for about 70 inside and 25 outside it’s important for you to know all the food is made right there on-premise, even the dessert.

For example, I ordered a piece of tiramisu expecting someone to open the refrigerator and remove a slice. Nay nay. Daniela made it from scratch.

Again, everything is made to order as you order it, got it.

A few signature items include the culurgiones, fregula con cocciulas and the scaloppini di vitello porcini. If you don’t know what any of that is go to their website ( Carryout is available and they will deliver in about a six-mile radius.

I liked their food so much they catered a WCBM party….443-759-9320.

Okay, that’s it until the next week. I’ll take suggestions from the readers. Send me an e-mail –….. Be nice!

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