David Zazoff Shows Why Dogs Are Man’s Best Friend After Pooch Finds Him A Winning Lottery

Image by Sonja Kalee from Pixabay The photo above is not the dog in the story.

Owning a labrador retriever means you should expect to be brought an assortment of things. Sometimes these things could be a dead mouse or a stick. You never know what exactly they’ll find. Good fortune was with David Zazoff when instead of a ball or something, his dog Layla brought him a winning lottery ticket.

As he does most days, he took his dog for a walk in suburban New York. Typically, they go on the same route every day. They’ll pass storefronts and restaurants with the Layla sniffing all about, occasionally finding something to play with.

After seeing the dog chewing on something smaller than usual, he grabbed a wad of paper out of her mouth. This was supposed to be an act that protected his dog from choking, but turned out to be much more.

He noticed from the printing on the paper that the dog had found a lottery ticket that must have been laying on the ground. Curiosity led him to a nearby convenience store. He scanned the ticket and found out that he had won the Jackpot. 

An amazing occurrence for somebody who had been down on their luck.

Perfect Timing

The pandemic has brought on many challenges for people. With the cycle of businesses opening and then closing, it has been hard for workers to keep reliable income. This was a major issue for him as well.

Without that stable income, bills were piling up. At that point, he had to prioritize what he could pay. Unfortunately for him, that meant that he was getting behind on car payments. Housing and food were the primary concern.

That’s part of what made this windfall so special. He was one missed car payment away from the vehicle being repossessed. Without the ability to earn any more income, he did not know what he was going to do.

After the lottery winnings came in, now he is comfortably back on top of his payments. This time with plenty of cushion, and a nice new bed in the backseat for Layla

A Loyal Lab

In a year with human interaction limited like we’ve never seen, dogs were always there. If there’s one positive to take from the past year, this is it. Being confined at home so much has grown bonds between owner and dog. 

For the lucky lotto winner, this holds true. Pre-pandemic, he would have been working his traditional daytime hours. However, once he was laid off, this gave him more opportunity to do things with Layla.

They built up this routine of going on walks. The exercise was great for them both. Plus, the extra time outdoors can be quite healthy when locked inside all-day

Layla has always had a special bond with her owner. She is a rescue dog from the Dominican Republic. He took her home over 4 years ago after an instant connection.

There is a level of trust the two have built up after the years. That is part of the reason he is fine with Layla finding objects to play with on their walks. Usually, she loves gnawing on something for a minute and then casts it aside. 

Thankfully for him, he noticed that the paper was smaller than what she usually plays with.

As he recalls looking back, it’s like she had the instinct of a Pot Dog when he’s sniffing for drugs. This resulted in finding a different kind of green though. Not the stuff that might get you in trouble.

For long-term plans, he really doesn’t know what he is going to do. The first step was paying the late payments on the car. Now, he’s got a lot to play around with as everything is in order. Surly Layla can count on plenty of new toys to play with thanks to her help.