Cybersecurity in 2018: New challenges & Threats for IT Department to face in the year ahead

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Every passing year, the war on cybersecurity rages on. Thanks to the innovative methods of data breaches evident in the cyberspace. In fact, with the advent of newer technologies in IT, the cyber crooks and criminals are becoming smarter with the passing days and have devised therefore smarter ways to squeeze away your data and break cybersecurity systems.  This snowballs the cost of the data breach to 3.62 million USD. Sadly, every passing year the data breach is increased by 2 percent.  The following are trends and challenges to be evident in 2018, let’s have a look:

The General Data Protection Regulation

With the year 2018, it was planned by the European Union to have its new General Data Protection Regulation, which deals with the ways how companies should process, secure and store data. The GDPR has come into effect since May 25 this year that can penalize up to 20 million Euros for any infringement. This means the non-compliance General Data Protection Regulation can cost you dearly, and hence taking all preventive measures like the automated cybersecurity tools – like siemplify has to offer, that has to be in place to avert this issue. Now, we see a number of companies and business groups to be in a rush to adapt things as per the norms decided by the said regulation.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning can Strengthen Cyber Defenses

With artificial intelligence (AI)and machine learning coming together can start putting an impact over an added amount of industries. Hence the blend of these two is likely to play a vital role in cybersecurity this year. As we see the battle with cyber crooks moves so swiftly, the machine learning models can precisely identify and predict the attacks. This can be a big boon for the security professionals. In the coming years, these models are supposed to be honed and trained; however, on the other side, we have a risk that even cyber crooks will also exploit the potential of AI and ML to achieve their lethal objectives.

Need to be more proactive about Ransomware

Of late, Ransomware has emerged as a threat for the security experts; however, it only has only the high profile victims. Yet it not clear what the security experts and IT professionals have learned from the WannaCry ransomware attacks. However, this has certainly highlighted the need to have the back up on a regular basis allowing the updating and patching systems along with adding, strengths to the real-time defense systems. The business organizations taking up these simple steps could end up reducing the impact of ransomware to a great extent.

Managing the Data Breaches Gracefully

It may sound incredible to reduce the data breaches completely, but every business groups have the potential to alleviate the cyber attacks by managing the aftermath correctly. There are several preventive measurements, which can help you secure from the data breaches this year. With the help of delaying disclosure, falling prey to patch (a known vulnerability) and misdirecting potential victims, these things have made things bad to worse. However, in 2018, we can certainly expect things improving provided we deal the data breaches gracefully.

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