Why Cryptocurrency Investors Need B21

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Portfolio management today is a crucial key in maintaining and expanding inventory and profits for the average investor. Institutional investors, of course, have the ways and means to hire whole departments who do nothing but track a single investment to discover when it should be increased, downsized, or simply maintained. This makes sense when there are millions of dollars invested in a single stock or another financial instrument. But the average investor, the one who invests only a few thousand or even a few hundred dollars, does not have the resources to outsource the maintenance of their investment; they either trust to some kind of mutual fund set up, where a distant management team work for them (for a fee) or they must do all the maintenance themselves, spending hours each week tracking and analyzing and probably just plain guessing what’s going to happen next.

 Now while some people enjoy doing it all on their own, most average investors have regular jobs and families and other obligations that keep them from having enough leisure time to look into every little detail themselves and then ponder what their next move in the market should be. This is especially true for the cryptocurrency speculator. The crypto coin platforms are still such relatively new phenomena that they have not become completely standardized yet, the way stocks and bonds have been ‘tamed’ and regulated. There really is a ‘wild west’ flavor to investing in bitcoin or ethereum or any other cryptocurrency, because the opportunity to obtain a fabulous fortune is always there — as is the possibility of immense loss through theft and fraud. It’s a dog-eat-dog world for the cryptocurrency investor, big and small, and while the nations of the world struggle to comprehend and regulate this cyber bonanza, the tools to control it on a personal level are still in the early stages of development.

That is why B21 is such a vital app to have for the average cryptocurrency investor. It works as a unique crypto finance manager for every type of crypto asset. There is no need to take a course in how to trade cryptocurrency. There is no need to depend on another ‘experts’ advice or intuition. There are no complicated formulas or algorithms to struggle with. No time-consuming monitoring programs to eat up your free time. B21 allows you to simply chose your cryptocurrency options, and then set your investment and profit goals. Once that information has been entered into the app, the rest is done by the app itself — following the instructions that you have given it, and not dependent on some third party’s influence or interference. The initial investment, big or small, is now automatically working to produce profit — and is only shifted or changed when a token offering stays depressed for more than 24 hours. There’s no more fiddling with tricky trading platforms; B21 works on autopilot, performing every needful function.

B21 eliminates the need to keep opening and closing accounts on specific platforms and wallets. It speeds up the overview process so that it occurs in real time, even during weekends and holidays. And it is fully connected with each and every token market overseas, so options are never limited by borders or nationality.



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