Create Unique Pairings with Home Brew and Vape Juice

Both home brewing beer and use of electronic cigarettes are at an all-time high. With electronic cigarettes now being used by 1 in 20 adults, the homebrew spirit is catching on in the world of vaping. The latest trend is pairing your homebrew beer with your do-it-yourself vape juice, the way fine wine and cheese have traditionally been paired. Overwhelmed considering a new DIY product? Let’s compare.

Initial Investment

Homebrewers know that the startup costs associated with starting to brew beer at home can be quite high. Both the equipment needed and the ingredients can be costly, with startup costs in the range of $500 to $600, which doesn’t include some of the more exotic ingredients some homebrewers favor.

By comparison, starter kits for vape juice creators run about $50.00, which includes all of the equipment and ingredients needed. Starter kits even allow you to choose a number of flavors to get started with, some including 15 different flavors from a list of hundreds. Flavor names on the menu include things like French Toast, Lavender, Rum Jamaica, Cake Batter, Fruit Pebbles, and many more.

Perks of Both

Homebrewers and vape juice creators both say that making your own product at home is cost-effective. Both give you total control over the ingredients that go into your product or don’t go into your product. Both can be a fun and fulfilling hobby, offer recipes from more experienced creators, satisfy desires to be creative, and offer a sense of community with other creators.

Homebrew Versus Vape Juice

Homebrewing can be especially time-consuming, both in the time it takes to create a batch, and the time needed for beer to ferment and carbonate, which can take 3 to 5 weeks. For homebrewing enthusiasts, the desire to buy higher quality or exotic ingredients may mean that homebrew is no longer cost-effective.

The vape juice mixture can be used in electronic cigarettes immediately after being prepared, though is best when allowed to steep for 3 days to 3 weeks, depending on the flavor profile. One of the drawbacks of homemade vape juice is its short shelf life, meaning making smaller batches more frequently may be necessary.

Tricks of the Trade

In order to produce the best product, always prioritize cleanliness and safety! Failure to sterilize equipment could mean wasted batches of product or replacement equipment. Take notes on the process of every batch. You wouldn’t want to create your best batch yet and not remember exactly how you got there.

Homebrews should always be served in a glass, not in the original bottle. Pour your homebrew slowly into the side of the glass, leaving the last bit, containing the yeast, in the bottle.

Resist the temptation to vape your newest product right away and give it time to steep. Fruity flavors are best after 3 days of steeping, while creamier or bakery flavors are best after 3 weeks of steeping.

With all of the options available to creators of homebrews and vape juice, the combinations are endless. Step up your hobbies and create unique pairings that enhance the flavors of both products, making both even more enjoyable.