CODEPINK Activist chains herself to White House fence: Demands Guantanamo be closed

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Activists from CODEPINK, a national peace and justice organization, and their human rights allies, staged a resolute demonstration in front of the White House on Friday. They are demanding President Barack Obama close the prison facility at Guantanamo, Cuba.

Some of the visuals at the rally, included: wearing the Orange jumpsuit garments of the inmates and reenacting their degrading treatment by U.S. military guards.


About 130 prisoners are on hunger strikes at the prison. The activists want the President to keep his promise and to immediately close Guantanamo. They also want him to have the 86 prisoners who have been cleared for release returned promptly “to their home countries.”

One of the activists, Diane Wilson of CODEPINK, chained herself to the White House fence and refused to move. She is a Vietnam War veteran.

Criminal charges are pending against her. To learn more about the incident, go here.

For more photos of the event click here.

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