Cheap Equipment for a Home Gym

Are you dreading to pay your monthly gym fees? Had enough of those grunting gym rats that disturb your peace while trying to work out? If you have the space at home, having a home gym is the more practical solution to get active without breaking your bank. With the rising cost of gym memberships, it is cheaper and better to exercise in your own home in the long run. Invest in your health now with these tips on how to look for quality but cheap home gym equipment.

Cardio Equipment

While the cheapest treadmill sounds like a good idea, it is not the most efficient equipment in a home gym. A manual treadmill causes more stress on the knee joints, and they have a less sturdy built than its electric counterparts. A motorized treadmill can go beyond your budget, but at least they provide variety and stability in your runs.

On the other hand, a rowing machine or a spin bike sits between the budget and offers more benefits. It provides a dynamic workout as it trains both your endurance and strength. These types of equipment offer a low impact cardio workout.

If you just want to get invest a few dollars, skip ropes are the cheapest and most effective cardio equipment. It can make your heart pump just as hard as the expensive treadmill. On average, you can burn as much 300 calories for a 30-minute jump rope workout.

Weight Equipment

Resistance exercises build your strength and tone your muscles. If space is not an issue, cable machines are ideal to target multiple muscle groups. These weight equipment come in all shapes and sizes, depending on your needs. Consider buying those that are low maintenance and allow changes in resistance so that it can adapt once you have improved your strength.

Aside from cable machines, you can invest in a good quality set of barbells and dumbbells. While they might be the most expensive set in your home, they are also the most versatile. There are three types of weight plates: cast iron, bumper, and vinyl.

Cast iron requires more care when you put it down as they can damage the floor if you drop them. Bumper plates take up much space since they’re made from rubber, but they’re good if you’re weightlifting without a spotter or a helper. Conversely, vinyl plates have cement or sand, so they have the risk of breaking down and spilling its contents.

Workout Benches

The humble workout bench has become a staple in many home gyms and definitely worth the investment. Workout benches come in different varieties, depending on your training goals. Look for one that has good padding and stitching, as they need to withstand friction while giving you comfortable support. You can choose from a normal straight bench, or invest in one that is highly adjustable. Click here to see what other options in the market.

Exercise mats under the workout bench are important to protect your floor from scratches. A good exercise mat should grip your exercise equipment and allow them to stay on the floor and not tip over. Invest in a thicker mat if you want good shock absorption when you drop heavyweights.

The Bottomline

Factoring in travel time and petrol, as well as having to share germs with other strangers, a home gym is definitely worth investing in. Ideally, you should set a reasonable amount of space and budget to build a workout area that will work for you. You may be tempted to buy the cheapest options in the market, but remember that these workout tools are an investment. Quality home gym equipment that is durable and versatile will certainly save you money in the long run.