Charlie Charlie let’s make a movie

Los Angeles: For the past few week teenagers all over the world were caught up by a series of covertly promotional Youtube videos showing their fellow teens playing a supposedly demonic game called Charlie Charlie. The game only came into existence, after Warner Brothers began an underground promotion of the Charlie Charlie movie trailer (see it below), which targets teenagers and school goers who are considered the biggest generators of box office revenue.

According to the movie, Charlie was a fictional high student who suffered a horrible death while practicing for a school play. Several years later, a group of students tries to revive the play by summoning Charlie who spiritually and creepily emerges and gruesomely takes the lives of those who summoned him.

Charlie Charlie Challenge (Facebook)
Charlie Charlie Challenge

In an effort to promote the movie, which is actually based on the game, advertisers took a different approach to boost its popularity by using underground social marketing tactics to secure the interest of millions of teenagers. And of course, their marketing strategy worked, while rocking the spiritual conscience of many.

The fake spiritual game has since drove fear into thousands of parents and churches, and even forced the Jamaican Government to ban the game in schools. Rumors have also surfaced that Grenada, Guyana, Barbados, and a few other Caribbean states are contemplating the same ridiculous step.

So even though the bogus game, which only came into Internet existence in May 2015 and fooled many worldwide, no one expected that Governments would have been entrapped in the movie’s marketing scare tactics too.

The film has since been renamed The Gallows and has a more eerie depiction of the Charlie Charlie game.