CBD Oils for Cancer 

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Cannabis has many names, including hemp, marijuana, pot, hash, and grass. People have been using it for ages for medicinal and recreational purposes. The cannabis plant produces a resin that has substances known as cannabinoids that have many benefits. A few of the most important benefits are its ability to help with preventing cancer, fighting it and providing relief from post-cancer pain. Let’s know the truth about it. 

People thinking of using CBD oils for cancer should know that there should be no or minimal THC or tetrahydrocannabinol in the product. It causes a high that can be bad for your overall health and can land you in trouble with the authorities. It is also wise to note that the research on CBD helping with cancer are promising but not conclusive as more research is needed in this regard.

CBD Oil as Complementary Therapy

CBD oils can help cancer patients in many ways. Some of them are:

It helps stimulate your appetite and combat loss of appetite due to cancer. It makes you stronger and helps you to maintain a healthy weight.

CBD Oils Help with Pain

Using CBD oils for cancer and its treatment can help with the pain. Cancer patients usually suffer pain due to inflammation, nerve injury, or pressure on the internal organs. CBD oil can help people who have grown immune to opioids, and they no longer lessen the pain.

CBD Oils Might Control Nausea

People battling cancer often complain of nausea and vomiting, especially if their chemotherapy treatment is going on. CBD or cannabis can help with both and offer instant relief.

It must be noted here that often the benefits mentioned above are due to small amounts of THC present in CBD oils. So, you should not totally avoid THC but ensure that you take in low doses.

CBD Oils for Cancer Prevention

The National Cancer Institute has reviewed different studies to find whether CBD can help prevent cancer. They have gotten mixed results.

A study conducted in 2015 revealed that cannabis users had about 45 percent lower risk of developing bladder cancer.

Other researchers have found that cannabis smoke can produce carcinogens; therefore,  smoke it with caution. The conclusive results will only be found if researchers conduct long term studies in humans to determine whether CBD helps in the prevention of cancer or not.

CBD Oils for Post Cancer Pain and Relaxation

People who are lucky enough to fight off cancer with the right therapies, often complain of post-cancer pain. A user has reported that using a combination of CBG and CBD oils for a few days can lead to a decrease in the pain levels. 

In fact, the person reported barely having any pain at all. The user also mentioned that there was a presence of relaxation, and CBD helped with reducing stress and anxiety. To make it work for you, you just need to find how much CBD oil works for you. Start with low doses and increase them slowly until you find a dose that works.


Choosing CBD oils for cancer is a smart move as it may help with the prevention of cancer, treatment of cancer, and offer post-cancer relief. If you still have a doubt, talk to a medical professional/ check reviews online and then pick a CBD oil for you. It will give you better confidence, and you will be surer of your decision.



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