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Caveman suite at Radisson Hotel Valley Forge, PA.

Leonard Kinsey in the cave-man suite at the Radisson Hotel Valley Forge in King of Prussia, PA

Emily (aka Yinzerella from and I stayed in a sexy (?) caveman-themed fantasy suite in the Radisson Hotel Valley Forge in King of Prussia, PA! There’s a casino and swanky pool area attached to the hotel, but we didn’t film any of that stuff because we were just there for the themed suite.

The suite itself is actually supremely impressive! It’s incredibly well-themed and professionally lit, and features a custom curved sofa, a round bed with a backlit headboard that looks like it was made from entangled antlers, a faux fireplace, a big flat screen TV, a two-person hot tub (that was actually hot, unlike the Champagne Tower hot tub at Paradise Stream), a standup shower, and a large vanity. Also, contrary to reviews we’d read online, the room did contain a small fridge, which made lugging our full cooler up a flight of steps completely pointless. Learn from our misfortune!

We also got a chance to sneak a peak into a few of the other suites, including Timbuktu, which has a jungle thing going on, and Gilligan’s Island, which is tropical island-themed. Both looked quite nice.

Unfortunately, there are hardly any photos or videos of the other suites online. The person at the front desk explained that this is because Radisson suites must contain certain amenities and meet exacting standards, which these themed rooms don’t, for obvious reasons. Therefore, Radisson can’t show photos of the rooms on their website or elsewhere…. But there’s nothing stopping us from showing them to you! We definitely want to go up there again and stay in the Star Gazer suite, so stay tuned for more videos from the Radisson Hotel Valley Forge!

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