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Cars that really changed the world

According to those in the know, cars have been around for 130 years and that is a fairly long time. But which of these are able to lay claim to the title of ‘cars that have changed the world’? Well not that many, to be honest. If you were wondering for yourself, we’ve kindly compiled a list of some of the best and we hope you have the time to peruse these rather sublime vehicles for yourself. Okay, you may never have the chance to drive, let alone own one but why not at least dream and maybe one day you will!

Ford Model T

We are going way back in time to the 1910s for our first world-beating automobile and who could disagree that a Ford Model T is one of the most iconic cars of all time? This was actually the world’s first mass-produced car and those folks over at Ford managed to produce a whopping 735,020 of them in the year 1917. They must have been doing something right because it managed to outsell every other car in its day. Okay, it may not have had the speed to compete with today’s Mitsubishi Lancer but the Ford Model T had what it took to become the darling of the Western World.

Tatra 77

Fast forward a few decades to the 1930s and we see the modern looking Tatra 77 breaking more than a few records and throwing those rulebooks away. Although it was never released in North America, this sleek ride had the best aerodynamics of the day. With a punchy V8 rear-mounted power plant, this Euro rocket still holds a place in many motor enthusiast’s hearts today.

Volkswagen Beetle

No iconic car list could possibly be without the Volkswagen Beetle and we couldn’t agree more. Hailing back to the 1930s but finding perfection twenty year’s later, the Beetle really won the hearts and minds of drivers all over the globe. With straightforward mechanics and a slick air-cooled engine, what was not to love? Millions of these loved cars still drive our roads and we hope they stick around for many more.

Willys CJ-2A

This smashing 4-wheel drive helped to win many wars in the 1940s and is still a very admired jeep today many years later. For those hoping to find deals for Hyundai Santa Fe’, you could do worse than look for a well looked after Willys jeep. Boasting a simple but oh so effective transmission system and military-grade toughness, you can find a modern-day equivalent in the Jeep Wrangler.

BMC Mini

So our final world changing car is probably the smallest of the lot. But what a star because the mini was such an iconic car that it literally swept through the swinging sixties without skipping a beat. Still as popular today, albeit in a slightly bulkier form, minis even won World Rally status in many events.

We’ve taken you back in time and shared some of the most wonderful cars with you, we hoped you enjoyed the short but sweet show!

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