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Can the quickest VPN providers increase your internet speed?

When you spend your time on the internet, you normally get irritated when the speed of the internet dips badly. Nobody would like to sit in front of a computer waiting for a page to load. It would mean a sheer waste of time. Whether you wish to download some files or simply browse some websites, slow internet speed can really be annoying. This is why most of the internet users search for ways to boost internet speed. There are some methods which work like a charm and some fail miserably. The speed of your internet basically depends on your internet service provider. Unless you choose a very costly package, there is the least possibility of any other means to speed up your net. You must have heard some people discuss that VPNs or Virtual Private Networks tend to bring down the speed of your internet. At the same time, some claim otherwise. What is the actual truth, is something to find out.

Is A VPN Able To Boost The Download Speed?

You will come across many people, who believe that using a VPN can actually increase the speed of the internet connection. However, if you put some logic into it, you will understand that this is not possible. The simple reason behind this is that the speed of the internet is dependent upon your service provider. On the other hand, if your service provider is throttling your own bandwidth, a VPN can step in and help boost the speed of your connection and you can see the increase with VPN speed tests.

Internet service providers usually throttle the bandwidth of a user to force them to choose a more expensive package. In such matters, a VPN can help enhance your internet speed, whether it is for downloading files from the internet or for simply browsing the websites. In other words, a VPN can help boost the internet speed only when your service provider throttles your bandwidth.

What Do You Mean By Bandwidth Throttling?

Quite often you will notice that the speed of your internet connections dips drastically. This happens usually when your internet service provider limits your bandwidth purposely in order to force you to choose a better and more expensive package. Most of the users fail to realize this and end up falling into the trap. Although not every provider follows the same path of bandwidth throttling, it happens frequently enough to get you worried.

If you wish to pinpoint instances of bandwidth throttling, it will be a tough job for you. There are several factors such as climatic conditions and network strength, which can result in bandwidth fluctuations. At the same time, the speeds are also restricted by providers on purpose. Thankfully, there are ways for you to identify bandwidth throttling instances. While downloading files if you notice a sudden drop in the internet speed, it may be a result of bandwidth throttling. If you perform the same tasks or perform the same type of activity online and the speed of the internet drops suddenly, it may be your provider throttling your bandwidth.

How Can A VPN Help?

It is good for you to note here that internet service providers use selective bandwidth throttling. You will normally witness this when you try to download or stream something in HD. In order to throttle your bandwidth, it is important for your service provider to see your various online activities. When you use a VPN, all your online activities will remain private and there will not be any cases of bandwidth throttling.

When you use a VPN, it generally passes information between the server and your computer through a secured tunnel. Nobody outside this tunnel will be able to read the encrypted data. As a result of this, it keeps you safe from internet service providers, hackers, and various other online criminals, who are always on the lookout for sensitive personal information. Using a VPN will enable your service provider to get your information in the form of unreadable gibberish. The end result is smooth and even internet speed without any possibility of bandwidth throttling.

When VPNs Can Fail To Improve Download Speed?

Situations wherein your internet speed is slow without any instances of bandwidth throttling, your VPN will fail to boost the download speed. There are three factors that can easily slow down a VPN:

  • When there are too many users using a free to use VPN, the servers naturally get overloaded due to inadequate bandwidth.
  • If you try to connect to a VPN server located in the US from a faraway country such as India. The distance of the servers can lower the speed.
  • Better encrypted files take up more space, which may result in a drop in the internet speed.

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