Buying a New Vaping Device? Look for These 4 Essential Features

If you’re buying a new vaping device in 2020, you have some exciting times ahead. Vaping hardware has never been better than it is right now, and you can buy a device from just about any major manufacturer with complete assurance that you’ll love it.

Let’s suppose, though, that you’re not just looking for a new vape mod that you’ll love; you’re looking for a device that you’ll still love a year from now – or maybe even longer. If that’s the case, it may not be wise to simply grab the first vape mod that catches your eye. Taken from vaping review site Quality eCigs, these are the 4 essential features that you should look for when buying a new vaping device in 2020.

Modern E-Liquid Delivery System

When you shop for vaping devices, you’ll notice that the most cost-effective option is almost always to buy a device bundled with a tank because a bundle that includes a tank generally only costs a few dollars more than the same device purchased without a tank.

You might think that you’re happy with the vape tank that you’re currently using, but if your tank is more than a year or two old, it’s more outdated than you might realize. Vape mods haven’t changed a great deal in the past couple of years, but vape tank design has changed dramatically. In particular, mesh coils have taken over the world of sub-ohm vaping.

You should definitely look for a vape mod that includes a tank with a mesh coil. People who try mesh coils love them.

Compared to the traditional wound coils that all vape tanks used until recently, mesh coils require less power, operate more quietly, and are less prone to splitting and popping – all while generating the same enormous clouds that the previous generation of cloud chasing tanks produced. Once you’ve tried a mesh coil, it’s highly unlikely that you will ever want to go back to a traditional coil.

Updated User Interface

Vape mods may not have changed much over the past couple of years in terms of the features they offer, but they have changed dramatically in their level of usability. Until relatively recently, the display for a typical vaping device was nothing but a tiny rectangular monochrome LCD panel. Configuring such a device was a serious pain because the small display panels didn’t even have enough room to show full words.

Today, it’s very common to see vaping devices with large color displays. Those devices aren’t just easier to read; since they can display full words, they’re also much easier to configure. There’s no longer any need to fumble through a list of arcane three-letter abbreviations to find the configuration option that you want. Vaping product manufacturers have also worked hard to refine their user interfaces and make them easier to understand. Finally, vape mods are beginning to become self-explanatory.

Comprehensive Suite of Safety Features

When you use a vape mod, you’re holding one or more powerful lithium-ion batteries in your hand, and you’re asking those batteries to deliver several amps of power – dozens of times per day – every day.

To put it differently, a laptop computer discharges at a rate of around 5-7 watts during normal operation. A vape mod may operate at over 100 watts. It had better include a decent suite of built-in safety features.

At minimum, a vape mod should offer the following safety features:

  • Short circuit protection monitors the resistance of the connected atomizer coil to confirm that a short circuit doesn’t exist. If a short circuit exists, the mod should display an error and refuse to fire.

  • Temperature monitoring checks the device’s internal temperature to ensure that the batteries aren’t overheating. If the device becomes too hot, it’ll display a warning message and shut down.

  • Battery voltage protection shuts the device down if the battery’s voltage is too low. Voltage monitoring also ensures that the device doesn’t attempt to overcharge the battery.

Solid Battery Handling and Charging Fundamentals

In any vaping device, the battery is the most likely component to fail. A lithium-ion battery has a finite life, and if you’re charging your vaping device once or twice every day, you should expect the battery to hold a usable charge for no more than about a year. If you plan to keep your device longer than that, you should buy a mod with removable batteries.

In a mod with removable batteries, the battery cover or door is the most likely component to fail if the device is dropped. Battery doors can pop open, and magnets can fall out of battery covers. If your vaping device can’t hold its batteries, you can’t use the device – so look for a mod with a battery compartment that’s as durable as possible.

Having a mod with removable batteries is also useful because, in a mod with a permanent battery, the charging port is a point of failure that can render the entire device useless. If you buy a mod with a charging port that wobbles when the device is new, you should probably return the device. A wobbling charging port is one step away from a broken charging port and a useless mod.

Although the 18650 battery cell is the most popular cell for vaping devices, you should consider looking for a device with support for the newer 21700 cell if you’re a frequent vaper. When it’s used in a vaping device, the 21700 cell feels so similar in the hand that the extremely slight difference in size and weight becomes almost irrelevant. While the typical capacity of an 18650 battery is around 2,000-2,500 mAh, though, the capacity of a 21700 cell is usually around 4,000 mAh. Using two 21700 cells in a dual-battery vaping device gives you a total capacity of around 8,000 mAh. You’ve always wanted to own a vaping device that truly lasts all day on a single battery charge, and the 21700 cell finally makes it possible.