Business 101: The Importance Of Finding Employees With Good Competencies

A company will grow rapidly in the future if they are having employees with the right characteristics. Moreover now with the current technology development. Thus the first thing that you should strive for when building a business is trying to find a way to score for employees who have great competency.

Competency character is a set of special skills or abilities needed to do a job effectively. Employee competence can provide a clear picture of what is expected of employees concerning their performance.

As an employer, it’s important if we want to be able to keep up with the current globalization, you need to find employees who have great competency of skills, thus they can compete with other people and also adapt to the new existing technology. It is also equally important to find employees who share the same value as your company.

Here are some of the values that you should look for in your future employees.

Social and communication skills

When working in a team, social and communication skills are needed to streamline the work, ensuring that everything is done. The communication referred to here also applies to remote communication using tools such as chat applications, e-mail, as well as remote video applications.

Especially nowadays, where hybrid working becomes a thing. Thus, opportunities for face-to-face meetings have decreased drastically, and chat applications as well as long-distance videos are increasingly being used as the main tools of communication.

Strive to keep learning

A company certainly wants to continue to grow, so they need employees who also want to keep learning so they can grow together. The mindset of wanting to keep learning also helps employees adapt amid rapidly growing industry changes.  As an employer, you should prefer to hire someone who is willing to learn and has high curiosity, rather than someone who has technical skills but is inflexible and lacks curiosity.


Employees who are tough and have high curiosity are needed for the company. According to Forbes, employers will be more inclined to hire employees who can adapt to new things presented to them, and who have the resilience and grit to overcome obstacles.

Resilience and adaptability

Resilience is the ability to get up and recover when things don’t go as expected. These soft skills will help employees to deal with difficult situations and be able to learn from unfavorable circumstances, thus you can keep going to achieve the desired goal. Apart from that, the ability to adapt is also very much needed considering that changing conditions occur so quickly and we never know what will happen in the future. Like it or not, we must be able to adapt and deal with these changes to survive.


A person who can perform multiple tasks all at once is a character that is very profitable for the company, especially if it is a small and newly established company that still has minimal capital. They need people who are willing to step out of their roles and do whatever it takes to run the company.

Critical thinker

The ability to think critically is needed to chart the company’s direction. By having a team that is innovative and able to think critically in solving problems, companies can face challenges better.

Dedicated and committed

The next most sought-after character type is a dedicated and committed employee. This type of employee will be very persistent. When they encounter an obstacle, they will try to find a solution. They don’t give up immediately. Committed employees don’t only see the company as a place for them to earn money, but there is a desire to see the company they work for progress and develop successfully. There is a certain satisfaction in being able to be one of the people who contribute to the progress of the company.

Innovative and creative

Currently, being innovative and creative is also a requirement that you as an employer to look for. New ways of completing work that increases effectiveness and efficiency will make the company more profitable. In facing competition, innovation is also the main thing that can help a company to grow.

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is generally defined as the ability to understand, control, and evaluate emotions. IQ and EQ are inseparable. To be able to achieve success, only having intellectual intelligence (IQ) is not enough, good emotional control is also needed. Well-honed emotional intelligence will help employees to work together and build positive relationships in the work environment.

These are some competencies that you should look for in employees. Having wonderful employees will help your company to achieve success in the future.

Aside from thinking about the employees, company incorporation also plays an important equation in trying to build a successful business. Finding the right partner who can help you to prepare for incorporation is crucial.