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Brother of Mandalay Bay Security Officer Jesus Campos is undocumented immigrant and convicted felon, former family member says

 LAS VEGAS — Jorge Quintero, the brother of Mandalay Bay Security Officer, Jesus Campos is allegedly an undocumented immigrant and convicted felon, according to Campos’ former brother-in-law, Luis Castro.

Castro made those allegations during the Baltimore Post-Examiner’s recorded interview with Castro this past Wednesday.

The following are transcribed excerpts from that interview pertaining to Quintero:

Castro: His [Campos’] brother was married to my sister, his brother, Jorge Quintero, but nonetheless, they both lived with us. Jorge was married to my sister. They got a divorce right after when Jesus got paid out. He was staying with Jesus, that’s when he filed for divorce when he got the money.

BPE: Was Jesus born in Mexico or was he born here in the United States?

Castro: No, he was born here in California. It’s his brother that’s illegal. His whole family was undocumented, but we helped them get papers over the years. It’s just, Jorge is a felon. Jorge really didn’t care about the paperwork.

BPE: Does he [Jorge] live in Las Vegas or does he live in California?

Castro: He lives in Vegas.

From Castro’s Twitter account.

BPE: What does he do for a living?

Castro: Jorge? He’s a handyman. We went to family court and stuff, and all that, it’s just a big mess. They just recently got divorced. You know how family court is, a lot of drama. Jorge is trying to say that my sister is like trying to get him killed and a bunch of other stuff, so it’s just been, I’ve been watching our back, me and my family’s back, and so until they got divorced. The divorce is final and can’t do anything about it now.

BPE: You said that Jorge was an illegal alien, but when he got married to your sister, did he put in for citizenship?

Castro: Okay, so here’s the deal. Basically, he was undocumented already. They got married. He had a felony. He was using somebody else’s social and stuff. He got arrested at the DMV using other people’s identity, so he has a felony. So even if he was married he wouldn’t be available, he wouldn’t be granted a citizenship because he has a felony. So, he never bothered with the paperwork.

BPE: But he still lives here in Las Vegas, right?

Castro: Uh, huh.

BPE: Who’s he living with now, he’s living with Jesus?

Castro: No, he took over the old house.

BPE: How come his last name is different than Jesus’ last name? Why is he Quintero and Campos, Campos?

Castro: Different fathers. Same mother.

Castro: Everything I’m telling you, the police know too. I filed a police report with them a while ago.


BPE: What was the reason, what did you file with Metro? What did you file a police report for, what was that about?

Castro: Basically they made the GoFundMe account about me and my family and then they sent us cease and desist letters. However, basically, he [Campos] has GoFundMe’s as well, three or four of them.


Castro: He’s also linked to victims, like the Route 91 victims GoFundMe, as well as that new, that amount of money that was given to them by the government. So that’s why I was told to go to the DA’s Office because they would want to know if he was committing fraud with that money. Basically that GoFundMe pages he has up, basically you’re donating to him, but the money that goes to him from the donations has to be used for that purpose that’s stated on the GoFundMe.

BPE: Right.

Castro: His purpose was medical bills and for attorney’s fees, for him. In family court I have a letter signed from Jesus, saying that he gave his brother [Jorge] $30,000 to hire an attorney for the family court. So if that money is linked to GoFundMe, that’s improperly using the money. I notified the police.

Castro: That’s another thing. Jorge was staying with Jesus, for the time, when they [MGMRI] first gave him the condo, so it’s kind of like he’s harboring an illegal immigrant.

Castro: The whole thing with Jesus blew up, I mean it was all over the news, I mean you name it. There was a conspiracy theory, you name it. Like I said, at that point, he [Jesus] was still considered family. Like he didn’t, you know what I mean, do what he did. But, it’s just uh, where it got messy was the family court. He hired a $30,000 attorney, we could only hire a $5,000 attorney. You know, in courtrooms, it matters a lot, you know. Like I said, it’s just been a hassle getting um, like I said, I wanted to make sure my family was good and out of the picture because like I said he sent us a cease and desist, he sent us all kinds of stuff and Jorge was saying that my sister was trying to have him killed, you know, just crazy stuff. The divorce is finalized. As soon as it was finalized, I wanted to post everything and get it out there. I wish I could have done it sooner, but he really, like I said he didn’t do us dirty until he got the money.

BPE: Jorge is not currently a US citizen right? Does he have a green card, do you know?

Castro: No it’s revoked. He has no, it’s like I said, he’s actually an ICE fugitive, they’re looking for him. Over here in Vegas, the way it works he would have to get booked and ICE would be contacted.

BPE: Why didn’t they get him when he pleads guilty to the charge in court?

Castro: That’s the thing, it’s Vegas. It’s kind of like a pick and choose. If we were in family court in California, he would have been detained. Here in Vegas he actually got really lucky.

Castro told me that the alias Quintero was using during the time of his arrest was that of David Vasquez.

The Baltimore Post-Examiner has confirmed through Nevada Eighth Judicial District Court records that Jorge Omar Quintero-Perez, Campos’ brother’s full name, that Quintero was charged with one count of felony forgery on 7/2/2009.

Quintero plead guilty to the felony forgery charge on October 15, 2012.

Quintero was sentenced on April 8, 2013 to a minimum of 12 months to a maximum of 30 months in the Nevada State Dept. of Corrections. The prison sentence was suspended, and Quintero was placed on probation, not to exceed three years.

The Baltimore Post-Examiner could not confirm what Quintero’s current immigration status is, however, the court records indicate that ICE, the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, was aware of his arrest and conviction as court records indicate that one of the conditions of his probation was that he had to comply with ICE Directives and Regulations. The exact details of those ICE directives and regulations is not known at this time.

The Baltimore Post-Examiner has also confirmed through court records that Luis Castro’s sister was divorced from Quintero in 2017. There was also a custody battle in family court this year for their two minor children, as Castro described.

One GoFundMe account that was set up for Jesus Campos on October 3, 2017 by Mandalay Bay Security Officer, Liliana Rodriquez netted $35, 435 before it was closed.

The Baltimore Post-Examiner is currently investigating Castro’s allegations concerning other GoFundMe accounts.







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