Brave Browser To Include Twitter And Reddit Crypto Tipping In Update

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There have been major developments in the cryptocurrency world over the past couple of years. One of the main things that have stood out is that innovation in the crypto will not cease any time soon. Among the major news that has broken recently is the addition of crypto features in the new Brave browser. There are many Reddit and Twitter users who stand to benefit from the features that this browser brings forth.

Brave was established by Brendan Eich, who is the co-founder of Mozilla and also the man behind Javascript. This new browser not only promises some great privacy feature for social media users but it also comes with rewards in the form of crypto tips baked right within the software. This is the case because the browser is funded by an initial coin offering (ICO). According to recent reports, a fully-functional Twitter and Reddit tipping option will be added to the cryptocurrency payments system which is already in existence.

The New Tipping Program

The built-in payments system can be activated from the browser’s settings page. After this, users can be able to use the various crypto features as well as benefit from the new features. It will be possible to link social media accounts to the crypto wallets Basic Attention Token (BAT), which are already included in the browser. This will make it possible to make transactions via the social media accounts. It is this mechanism that will allow users to receive tips from other social media users.

The company has recently come out to give the finer details of the feature that is still in development. According to recent cryptocurrency news and official reports from the company, it will be easy to make the tips as the system will work in the same way that social media networks do. After tipping someone, the user will also have the option of sending a retweet conveying the information as well. The company also revealed that the official release of the feature will be made later during the year.

So far, publishers and content creators in Twitch, as well as YouTube, are able to register on the reward platform through the Brave browser. There is an established Brave publishers platform which will handle all the content management affairs. Registering with the platform will allow these publishers to receive BAT payments. Users who consume content from creators will have an option of either setting the BAT tips by themselves or have the process done automatically by the browser. The browser is capable of tracking the time that a user spends on a certain publishers page and thus determines how to fairly reward them.

Revenue-sharing Plans

Brave has pioneered some other features in the recent past as well. The browser became the first to create a model for sharing advertising revenue with its users. The feature, which came a few months ago is capable of allowing users to opt-in to some safe adverts. The browser is built to block all ads by default and this feature is created to pave way for users to view safe ads. When they opt in, users are able to benefit from device-based ads that do not leave their data in a compromised state.

There are big plans for the ads feature which was recently introduced by the browser. While it is still in its early stages, the program has great potential. Going by company reports, the goal is to have Brave users take the chunk of the advertising revenue that the company makes from the ads. The proposed figure is 70 percent revenue for users and the remainder for the company. This revenue will not be exclusive to users though as publishes will also get a fair reward from the same scheme. The largest share of the revenue though will ultimately go to the users and publishers on the platform.

Brave has seen sufficient growth over the time it has been on the market. The figures from July indicated that up to 3 million people were already using the browser. The company’s target of 5 million users by the end of the year seems reasonable going by the efforts being put by the firm.

Brave is definitely not alone in the realm of incorporating crypto features. Just recently, Opera indicated that the ethereum wallet would soon be included in its Android browser. In addition to that, a recent announcement by the company indicated that users would be able to have desktop access to their ethereum wallets by linking the browser to its mobile version.