Bossie right on the money with Mueller report outcome, impeachment

By Len Lazarick

David Bossie, deputy campaign manager for Donald Trump in 2016 and now Republican national committeeman for Maryland, made a number of predictions at the Howard County Lincoln Day Dinner last Tuesday. At least one of them turned out to be correct.

“What that [Mueller] report is going to show is absolutely nothing. After two years and $40 million, it’s going to show what we already know — no collusion, no coordinating, no cooperation, nothing.”

Bossie joined the Trump campaign in late August 2016, and he freely admitted that some of the people connected to the campaign and already convicted or indicted “were bad guys, but they weren’t involved in the campaign for very long.”

Paul Manafort, for instance, was campaign chair for only eight weeks.

Another Bossie prediction: “When that Mueller reports comes out and it does nothing, when it literally disappoints, and Democrats continue to investigate and investigate and investigate, the American people are going to get tired of it and reject it.”

“There’s going to be a boomerang effect that benefits us. It’s going to benefit every Republican across the country.”

As might be expected, Bossie trashed the Democrats.

“Every day they get wilder and crazier. It’s really shameful what the Democrats have become because they want power,” Bossie said.

Another prediction: “We will have an impeachment vote this summer. These Democrats are totally committed to impeaching this president.”

And what about this talk about Gov. Larry Hogan running against President Trump?

“Our governor is doing an amazing job,” Bossie said. “I love the governor and I love my president, but I’m not interested in having my governor challenge the president.”

Another predictable prediction and a guaranteed applause line: “If we stick together, this president is going to get reelected.”