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Bishop Roan Faulkner: Charity Sign of God Loves

A Revered Mentor

Bishop Roan S. Faulkner has been the overseer of Faith Christian Center Church International for 20 years and is an influential ally of Catonsville, Maryland. He had an association with churches for more than 44 years and was serving the Pentecostal Ministries.

A Devoted Member of the Society

The ministries have been functioning since 1993 in Catonsville. Bishop Roan Faulkner is a proud father of three children and two grandchildren. His wife Pastor Esther K. Faulkner has been his support and pillar since 1980 when they got married. She is a spiritual mentor and a sought after paster, convention speaker and recording artist. Bishop Roan S. Faulkner had the jurisdiction to strengthen and appoint members of the ministry, and to maintain the priesthood within his episcopate.

Promoting the Message of Christ: Love and Charity

Bishop Roan is one of the most revered members of the community who has spent his life serving the pedagogy of Christ. His primary interest has been in the area of charity where he has worked with his district to build and foster charity reforms. The bishop sees charity as an act of God’s love for his children. He preaches everyone to understand the privilege they had in life as a God gives and to use the resources to help others who need charity. He believes that people can become the instrument of God and spread the love by giving charity to the needy. He believes that the ignorance we see around us is because of our inability to stand against poverty and marginalization. As people will forgo ignorance and step forward to help others, it will create a more prominent and stronger community. The community benefits from Bishop Roan’s charitable drive for the less privileged. There are thousands of Catholic enlistees and people in general who are regular contributors to charity. Through Bishop Roan’s mentorship, the church’s charitable mission is making great strides.

Promoting the Green Lifestyle

Bishop Roan Faulkner wants to make a difference in the perception of people about giving charity. He is a genuine follower of the quote

that charity begins at home. Roan Faulkner and his family are passionate enthusiasts about charity drives and take part in community activities throughout the neighborhood. Bishop Roan also is a firm believer in maintaining the resources we have. He urges people to follow a green lifestyle and do not waste valuable resources such as food and other valuables. Instead, spend on how much as feasible and use the access for the support of the charity. His biggest concern is the well-being of his community people who are without homes and financial resources.

Bishop Roan Faulkner Accolades

Bishop Roan S. Faulkner has been preaching for more than 52 years. His loyalty and commitment to the practice of priesthood hold recognition in the local community as well as abroad. Regarding his services, he holds the prestigious,” Honorary Doctorate of Divinity Degree” awarded to him on April 22, 2017, by St. Thomas Christian University in Jacksonville.

Bishop Faulkner has toured broadly and has lectured, talked and administered revival ceremonies throughout the US, Canada, Nevis, West Indies, and the UK. With 52 years in ministry, some of the roles held by bishop Roan include Pastor, Capitol Hill United Church, Washington DC, Pastor, New Life Pentecostal Ministries – Baltimore MD and Overseer, Faith Christian Center Church Int’ l, Baltimore MD.

While working in these and many other positions, Bishop Faulkner has contributed excellent, reliable, and committed service. He is a man of high conviction, a priest to priests, a caring spouse, father, elder, teacher, and companion. He continues to lead charity events and bring more people to volunteer to participate and help others.

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