Biden’s incompetent incumbency will lead to Trump taking back the White House

President Biden’s insistence on running for a second term will cost democratic supporters the motivation they need to come out and vote for him. Such will likely lead to a victory for Trump, a man who has made it clear that his purpose is to destroy the checks and balances that have kept the United States at least somewhat of a democracy.

Trump is a clear and present danger to the United States, but I fear that President Biden is as well.

Yet, I’ve come to believe that though Trump has a lot of diehard supporters, supporters that are very effective in voicing, the real reason people vote for him is because of their disgust and anger with our political system in general.

In his first term, Trump really did not have any policy or order, no real vision. It was an administration built on loyalty to him and the appearance of closing deals on any random thing that happened to be on the President’s mind at the moment. But here are some thoughts as to why Trump will beat Biden regardless of his legal problems, love of destruction, and his total failure to have any kind of agenda.

Looks Matter in Political Leadership

Though younger, Trump is an elderly man, just like Biden. But Trump does not appear to be an elderly man, unlike Biden. This really fits the alternative truths motto of the Trump administration. Trump wears the tough guy image well, as President Reagan did. Though not funny, like Regan was, Trump’s personality takes any room, and the people in the room hostages. This wins elections.

Biden, on the other hand, is frail, has never spoken very well, often gaffes or blurts out strange things, and, like Gerald Ford, has a continuous tendency to stumble and fall. This is not simply ageist of me to point this out because there are plenty of people older than Biden who would not have these problems.

In fairness, Vladimir Putin is not a big man, nor does he appear particularly strong, but he is consistent in his appearance as much as he is brutal in his actions. Like Trump, when Putin is in a room, we all pay attention. The difference is that people pay attention to Putin because of his actions. People pay attention to Trump because of what he appears to be.

Trump will not have to debate Biden once. Trump will win simply based on appearance.

Actions do Matter in Political Leadership

Foreign policy has never been the Democrats’ friend. We are just not good at it, and Biden is by far the very worst. Such makes little sense because he has so much foreign policy experience.

But such may point to Biden’s weakness, one we’ve seen recently, politicians who need to retire that refuse to retire and put a nation at risk. Can we please elect at least middle-aged folks? Someone my age would look like a teenager in DC.

Biden’s first political gaffe was the disastrous retreat of U.S. servicemembers in Afghanistan, which gave the appearance of panic. Suddenly, Biden realized that the United States has a real enemy in China, something that never seemed to catch the attention of him or anyone else.

If the United States is made in China, then the Chinese military is made in the U.S.A. Our free-market system built the communist Chinese military and supplied that military with all the technology it could. Such panic was the first step in showing the world that the U.S. is weakening, scared, and no longer a single superpower. It is not, nor will it be in the future. Our need for profit and greed sold us all to our adversaries.

Of course, abandoning Afghanistan is something the United States did in the 1980’s. The result was seven million dead Afghans and a man the CIA trained and supported who turned against the United States. That man was Osama bin Laden. How many Afghans are dying now? Who will our new enemies be, as a result of Biden’s foolish actions?

Biden is Largely Responsible for the Russo-Ukrainian “Special Military Operation”

To put it simply, when Biden met with Putin before the start of the war in Ukraine, Biden gave Putin the green light to invade Ukraine. Call it a war or special military operation (the Vietnam War was “technically” not a war), but Biden made it clear to Putin that the United States would not intervene militarily.

Any good leader knows not to take the military option off the table, and that is exactly what Biden did. Once again, the world saw a weak United States that all through this conflict is “too scared” and too hesitant, but Russia is not too scared at all, nor is China.

Biden’s Need for Netanyahu Approval Trumps Commonsense

I have a tattoo of Anne Frank on my arm. I never thought that I might be killed or find myself in a camp because of it, but we seem to be moving in that direction again.

I write this because my being against Netanyahu and generally not a fan of the Israeli government does not mean I am against the Jewish people or even the Jewish State. I am against thugs and criminals running governments.

Netanyahu is, just like any other dictator, a hardliner. He is an enemy to freedom and democracy. He has shown total disregard for the Jewish citizens and international people held hostage by Hamas. Of course, what Hamas did was appalling.

Yet, just like I am not representative of the Israeli government, the Palestinians are not members of Hamas, nor are all of them supporters of Hamas, so bombing Gaza, and cutting off power, food, and water is a war crime, just like hitting Ukrainian power grids is a war crime when Russia does it.  It just depends on who holds veto power in the United Nations.

Biden rushed once again to embrace Netanyahu, but Netanyahu’s actions did more to move the public away from Hamas’ actions, only to focus on the brutality of the Israeli government’s brutal actions on fleeing families and children with no place to go. Biden’s willingness to pay Iran $6 billion for hostages also raises grave concerns on whether he understands what national security means.

While such events may seem unimportant to those who see Muslims as terrorists, just like those who see Jews as evil, and liberals as communists, we are living in a world that is on fire, both literally and with raw emotion.

The world senses the fall of the United States as the lone superpower, the lone policeman, and I don’t think that is necessarily a bad thing for the United States. After all, if we have to pay more for candy, maybe we will conserve and eat less of it and be healthier in the long run. But Biden’s recklessness may just cause him a war with both Russia and China, let alone Iran and North Korea.

Trump Wins the 2024 Presidential Election

Biden’s selfishness will hand the country back to former President Trump. I am very concerned about Trump and his supporters’ anti-Jewish stance, he has two qualities beyond his enormous personality and tough appearance: he is a salesman and has shown restraint about going to war.

When I note President Biden’s weaknesses, I am not suggesting that I want a war president. Rather, I want one that will focus on the future and not the past. I don’t think Trump will go to war with China, Russia, or anyone else. I think he will try and make a deal. Unfortunately, we don’t know how good that deal will be. He will likely drop support for Ukraine, call dictators “great men,” and do nothing for the environment, but there lies our choice.

Who do we choose for President? A tough, mob-looking boss that is all words and no action or a weak one whose vision is still steeped in 1945, that is if he is even able to articulate it?

Can’t we do better? Apparently not, and that is just the state of our nation. Our choices for the next presidency mark the beginning of the end of the United States we know. Self-interest and corruption have finally got to Russian levels within our own government, while those who can stop it simply won’t.

When I go to vote, I will write in “a horse” for President, because these two men are so ineffective and even cartoonish, that it may make little difference who is in the White House.

As for control of the Senate and Congress, we know this: whoever is in the majority will just sit around and squabble, averting last-minute shutdown after shutdown. Such will be the same result if both parties have nearly the same control in each chamber.

What is lost is a true love of our nation, a patriotism that our own political interests can be put aside when we need to deal with a planet on fire. Maybe this is the end of everything.  I hope not, but it’s hard to believe that out of every person in this country, we cannot find a single competent person to lead our nation.