Bharat Bhise HNA – Looking at the Fallout From a Cyberhack

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Cybersecurity is more important than ever before as more and more people are learning how they can use their remote systems to hack into businesses and databases. Bharat Bhise HNA has been working in this industry since college and he has seen the rise in the number of cyberattacks taking place in recent years. Many companies are at risk from this, no matter the size or scale and this is why it is so crucial that all business owners pay particular attention to their digital security, in the same way, that they do with physical security. Many think that beefing up their cybersecurity is an expense which they cannot afford, but if an attack takes place then they’ll wish they’d invested sooner in protection. 

Lost Time 

Depending on who you have looking after your computer systems in the business the hack can take a very long time to undo. There needs to be a full review and reboot of the systems and software which your business has in place, to ensure that any damage is repaired and that no backdoors have been built into the system which they attacker can use in the future. All of this takes time and during that time much of your business, perhaps all in some cases, will be rendered out of action. This means lost sales, wages paid for nothing and a frustrated workforce who want to do their job.

Reputation Damage

When customers and clients, even employees, give you important personal data they are doing so in the confidence that it will be well stored and looked after. If however your systems are hacked and any or all of this personal information is taken, it will completely damage your reputation as a trustworthy business. This damage can be felt for months, sometimes longer, and it is incredibly difficult to once again gain the hearts and trust of your customers if you have already been hacked once. You can expect to lose custom both now and in the future as a result of this damage. 

Theft of Information 

In most cases, the idea of a hack is to steal important information from your business. In some cases, as mentioned above, this could be the theft of important customer and client details, personal details which can then be used in the future for identity fraud or to sell on to the highest bidder for the same reason. There is also the information which you have relating to your business which could find itself in the wrong hands. Trade secrets, financial details, contract information and plans for growth are all pieces of information, which you are likely to have stored on your systems, which must not find their way into the wrong hands. 

Increasing your levels of cybersecurity is not just something which you should think about, it is something which can save you a huge amount of hassle and cost if you happen to fall victim to an attack.