Bharat Bhise: Bravia Capital Finances Investment in Avolon Holdings

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Bravia Capital, a major advisory and investment firm based in Hong Kong, recently structured and financed a 20% investment in a company called Avolon Holdings for the company Bohai, a leasing company, according to Bharat Bhise, the chief executive officer of Bravia Capital. Avolon Holdings is an international leasing company whose portfolio features commercial aircraft.

As part of the transaction, Bohai agreed to acquire one-fifth of Avolon Holdings’ common shares, thus making Bohai the biggest shareholder. The goal of this strategic investment was to put Bohai in a stronger position in the areas of equipment finance and global transportation. After all, Bhise’s goal is for the company to become a top aircraft leasing company worldwide.

The recent transaction brought Bohai’s tally of modern commercial jets financed to more than 200. Thanks to the investment, Avolon Holdings is now better able to access China, and this is a major benefit given the fact that China is the world’s most quickly expanding aviation market. It is expected that the shareholders of both Bohai and Avolon Holdings will continue to experience positive gains through the investment.

Bravia Capital primarily focuses on financial service, infrastructure, logistics, and transportation investments across the globe. It has completed multiple acquisitions in the modern transportation sector in years past, including with Cronos back in 2015, Seaco in 2011, and even MyTECHNIC in 2010. Bohai is also active in the global transportation sector, as it manages and owns investments and leasing companies associated with aircraft, infrastructure, medical equipment, containers, commercial property, and automobiles.

Avalon Holdings additionally stands out in that it provides widely recognized lease management and aircraft leasing services. The company has owned at least 250 aircraft that have served more than 50 customers located in 32 nations. Its fleet was recently valued at nearly $6 million, with its committed pipeline being $7 billion.

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