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Beyond the Food: How to provide a memorable restaurant experience

In the days before social media and celebrity chefs, the main thing diners considered were the quality of the food and the attentiveness of servers. While these things still matter, they are only two on a long list of factors that people consider when choosing a restaurant. Other factors that play into a diner’s decision of where to eat include:

  • Whether the interior design matches their current mood
  • The trendiness of the restaurant
  • If social media followers will recognize the restaurant
  • The uniqueness of the menu
  • Whether the diner will be able to snap a good photo for Instagram

Restaurant owners who hope to create a thriving business must cater to these trends. Below are some restaurant and promotion ideas others have implemented that can help to improve diner traffic for other restaurant owners who adjust the idea or theme to their own needs.

Iconic Restaurant Choices in Baltimore

Maryland’s largest city has a reputation for abundant and unique restaurant choices. Here are three that have especially attracted attention:

  • Captain James Landing: Constructed on the outside to look just like a ship, Captain James Landing also offers diners the option of requesting seating by a porthole window. Naturally, the main attraction on the menu is seafood.
  • Lost City Diner: Sci-fi fans will feel like they have reached nirvana at this restaurant with a tribute to the genre everywhere they look. The menu also includes vegan options.
  • Papermoon Diner: The uniqueness of the restaurant is obvious to diners before they even walk through the front door. Giant mannequins and doll heads attract their attention outside while a giant Pez dispenser collection and several other cool finds attract their attention inside. With a bacon milkshake on the menu, the food is just as unique.

Kung Fu Tea

Chinese restaurant owners can impress their guests by bringing in a Gong Fu Cha masterto pour their team with a long pot standing several feet away. As the guest sits at the table with a cup of tea leaves awaiting hot water, the Gong Fu Cha master pours from a traditional Chinese teapot using a series of choreographed movements that are sure to delight.

People Don’t Go Out to Eat Just Because They’re Hungry

While eating a meal might be the practical side of dining out, people also seek to have fun and memorable experiences. That means that restaurant owners can’t rely on the quality of food and service alone to attract new and regular diners.

Since it’s now common for people to share their experiences with online friends, creating an area just for taking selfies while they wait for their food is a great idea. It should contain a variety of fun props and – of course – the name of the restaurant printed on all of them.

Live music is typically a popular choice among people dining out for the evening. The band should play music that matches the atmosphere of the restaurant for the most memorable effect. Printing a schedule of when each band plays will make it easier for people to plan to visit the restaurant rather than deciding where to eat at the last minute.

Dining out is a treat for many people, especially those on a limited budget. Making the experience well worth their time and money is the best way to go.

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