Best Vegan Protein Powder Buying Guide – Plant-Based Organic Protein Review

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There are many protein powders out there on the market, but it’s been proven time and time again that some of the best protein powders come from vegan sources. Of course, when it comes to choosing the right one, you have to know that you are getting enough of the vital nutrients that most meat or whey based proteins can provide. This isn’t always easy. In this buying guide, we’re going to help you choose which protein base you may want to use depending on your needs in this vegan protein powder buying guide.

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Can I Suffer Gain Loss?

While it has been known in some extreme cases to be assistant with gain loss, you shouldn’t worry about it if you’re getting everything else in your diet. If you’re a vegan, you need to be intaking more nutrients than you would normally get if you were eating meat anyway, especially other sources of proteins so you can get all the essential amino acids you may need. You may need to even supplement to get just the amino acids (there are a couple) that you can only get from meat. This doesn’t mean you’re eating a meat product either, as when you’re supplementing, this amino acid is extracted from other viable sources.

Soy Protein

One of the most common proteins, soy protein is the base in many vegan protein powders. The only downside for most users of soy protein-based drinks is that it has less flavor (more or less the protein itself has no flavor) but it’s good because it can be the highest amount of protein without all of the fats and other parts of the plant.

One thing to note is that due to the phytoestrogens, too much soy products has been known in some cases to cause issues when used excessively, so you may discuss with your doctor on whether to consume it or not.

Other Proteins

Pea protein is one of the most popular non-soy alternatives, as it’s extremely high protein made from field peas, and though it’s not quite as high as soy (which is about 90% protein), it does have about 80 percent protein and is allergen friendly. It doesn’t contain all the amino acids though, and it usually needs to be paired with a product per day that gives you the other amino acids you may need to make it a complete protein. Brown rice protein follows thirdly, on the list of popular proteins, and then there is also hemp protein which is one of the only proteins that are completely vegan and Omega-3 fatty acids you need.

Top 3

1. Vega Sport is a hybrid blend that is derived from numerous proteins and is non-soy.
2. Garden of Life Organic Protein is a protein supplement also soy free, which contains brown rice, amaranth, quinoa, and many other proteins, plus a full supplement of probiotics and amino acids.
3. Sunwarrior is a protein blend that contains many MCT’s from coconut so you can get a large list of your amino acids.


When it comes to protein powders, it’s important to know what exactly you are needing, as well as what you’re going to use the protein powder for. Some are more targeted and optimized for women or even men. Some are used primarily for weight loss, while some are used the same as the normal whey protein blends that are for building muscle. Not only that, but there are many that won’t have the flavor you may be searching for, but you can always add more fruits or veggies of your choice for the flavor you want.