Benefits and Dangers of Vape Pens

One of the most popular gadgets or devices of the past decade is undoubtedly the vaporizer. The vaporizer has helped many people either decrease the amount they smoke or help quit their cigarette habit. Vaporizers can be used to vaporize liquid nicotine, dry herbs or wax. The type of vaporizer you would need depends entirely on the material you will be using.

What are Vape Pens

Vape pens are electronically battery-operated devices that are made to heat different materials. Instead of burning your dry herbs, tobacco or wax, you can add them to your vaporizer and heat it just enough to turn the active ingredients into vapor. Vape pens come in many different sizes, shapes, and features. You can change temperature and voltages and even change the atomizers for an upgrade. Most vaporizers can be recharged and re-used unless it is a disposable vape pen. Some can even have replaceable batteries which you can replace when your batteries run out.


Vape pens have a very big impact and benefit many people. Some people will use it to be discreet while others use it as a better alternative to inhaling smoke.

No Smoke

One of the biggest benefits you can get from a vape pen is you’re not inhaling smoke. Smoke can be very irritating for your throat or lungs, especially if you have a specific disease or illness. Using vapor instead of smoke for your delivery service is a great way to avoid combustion. Heating your material to the point of combustion creates unnecessary toxins like tar.

No Smell

Another reason why people love to use vape pens is because of the smell. If you’re vaping oil with no flavor, you will not smell anything. If you vaporize herbs or wax, there will be a small noticeable smell. The reason for the decrease in smell is because you are not smoking it but rather vaping only the surface of the material.


Although vaporizers have not been around for long term effects, vape pens can have their dangers to them.

Unknown Long Term Effects

The long term effects are the biggest drawback from more people using vaporizers. On paper, vape pens can look like they are completely fine to be used. Many people have been using it for years but it’s not the hardware that can cause problems but the material used. Recently, there has been a trend of adults being hospitalized for vaping these THC/CBD oils. It’s not the THC or CBD itself causing the problems but the additives mixed with it. You can’t just vape the oil itself because it needs to be mixed with another solvent. This is where it can hurt you.

Disposable Vapes Contain Unknown Materials

Although you can get unknown material in your oil anywhere, you can get it specifically with disposable vapes. These are the kinds that are non-rechargeable and come pre-packaged. Although they need to list what is included, they don’t always get it right. It could also be a white-labeled vape pen that comes with other forms of unknown materials. One of those materials you want to stay away from is vitamin E acetate.