Becoming a truly paperless accounting firm

Accounting and CPA firms handle loads of sensitive financial data for their clients. They need to keep it secure from prying eyes. Paperwork, once processed has to be stored somewhere for a number of years until the time comes to have it shredded: this is most often required as part of legal compliance. The time and effort required for processing, storage, shredding what motivates accounting firms to go paperless.

Cloud-based accounting software is the best solution for firms wanting to adopt paperless accounting.  It provides them with the opportunity to offer services that are far more streamlined and secure for their clients.

How easy is it to achieve a paperless firm?

The task of going paperless may seem daunting, but with the Accounting Practice Management Software designed by Firm 360, the whole process is rather seamless – as it should be. The cloud-based software, developed by a team of experienced accountants, is designed to offer maximum efficiency and safety.

What are the challenges to creating a paperless firm?

Larger accounting and CPA firms have embraced paperless accounting, but smaller firms seem to be resisting. They cite the following reasons:

Reluctant staff members

Employees who are used to the old method of wading through tons of paperwork seem reluctant as they often fear change and think that it will entail more work for them. Staff training is one of the best ways to overcome this barrier.

Digitizing existing paperwork

Digitizing existing documents is time-consuming, but has to be accomplished if the Accounting Practice Management Software is to have a record of older client documentation. Once completed every client will have a complete online file.

Fear of the cost

Fear of the cost of scanning existing documents and also of the price of the software makes smaller firms reluctant to change.

What are the benefits of becoming a paperless firm?

Designed for accounting in the 21st century, the benefits of using the Accounting Practice Management Software are numerous.

Saves time

Initially, scanning and storing of documents on the cloud may be time-consuming, but once completed no one ever has to look through a filing cabinet for an invoice again. Clients send their documents online and these can immediately be processed and stored in their file on the platform.

Once uploaded, the documents are available 24/7 from any device connected to the internet from any location by those with authorized access to the platform.

Employees can access any documents within seconds from their desktop, instead of having to search through filing cabinets for them.

Better document management saves time and accounting firms can take full advantage of this by taking on more clients without needing to hire more employees.

Clients can have access to their documents, tax returns and even sign these documents without even needing to drop into the CPA or accounting firm.

Lower cost

The cost of creating a paperless firm is minimal. At first, it may seem that the outlay is huge because buying a faster scanner may be necessary to facilitate scanning the old paperwork. The price for a scanner and the fees for the software will soon be paid off by the huge reduction in costs for the firm. Paperless accounting saves money on costly office supplies like paper, copiers, toners, shredding costs and storage space.

Paperless firms also decrease the billing-hours charged to their clients, reducing client costs too.


Accounting firms often have a problem with misplaced client documents. The Accounting Practice Management Software uses the latest in software security to keep all documents safe during transfer and storage.

Password protection is available for clients and various employees so that access to files is restricted. Cloud-based systems can be controlled by their manager who can issue passwords and monitor document access.

Better for the environment

Going paperless is one massive contribution that all accounting and CPA firms can make towards an eco-friendly business environment. Not only will they be saving their firms money on office staples but will also be reducing their ecological footprint.

Maintaining a competitive edge

Firm 360 has created the Accounting Practice Management Software for CPA and accounting firms offering them an efficient document management system that can keep up to the demands of their fast-paced job and its ever-changing tax needs. The software instantly reduces costs and improves customer trust and loyalty.

Anyone wanting to maintain their competitive edge in the accounting business can create a paperless firm with improved access to documents and collaborations with their clients; from anywhere, at any time, in a secure, and environmentally friendly way.