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Baltimore’s Miracle on 34th Street makes list of nation’s best holiday lights

Redfin Press Release

Redfin announced the best neighborhoods to see holiday lights across the nation, as well as the top five neighborhoods to see lights in the Baltimore/Washington area. Miracle on 34th Street in Baltimore made the list of the top five neighborhoods in the nation!

The homeowners in these neighborhoods go all-out with lights, decorations, statues, inflatable characters, and music. For those who want to join the festivities permanently, here’s a list of median home prices, homes sold in the past year, a map of the neighborhood and current homes for sale in each area:


Baltimore and Washington D.C. Area
Neighborhood Must-See Home/Street Median Home Price Map/Homes for Sale
Hampden Miracle on 34th Street,700 block of 34th, between Chestnut Ave and Keswick Rd $173,000 (41 sales) Map of the area and homes for sale nearby
Fell’s Point Baltimore Parade of Lighted Boats,Fell’s Point and Inner Harbor $342,500 (94 sales) Map of the area and homes for sale nearby
Cheswolde The Chanukah House,6721 Greenspring Ave $250,000 (21 sales) Map of the area and homes for sale nearby
Vienna Annual Luminaria Night Celebration303 Race St $75,000 (15 sales) Map of the area and homes for sale nearby
Chesapeake City Winterfest,Both sides of the C&D Canal $172,500 (22 sales) Map of the area and homes for sale nearby

The list is based on input from Redfin real estate agents, who go on dozens of home tours a month, requiring them to drive through most neighborhoods in their region.

“Redfin agents know their neighborhoods like the back of their hands,” said Scott Nagel, head of real estate operations at Redfin. “Not only are they the best folks to tell us where to find the best holiday lights displays, but they can advise us on what it means to buy or sell there.”

Driving around neighborhoods to look at holiday lights is a time-honored tradition for many families. Over the past decade organizations such as zoos, parks, and speedways have stepped in with elaborate displays that draw crowds by the thousands, but for those looking to see traditional home displays, it can be difficult to know where to go. The list of the top five neighborhoods in each region is a guide for families who want to keep the tradition alive.

This information can also be helpful for those in the market for a new home. Redfin agents advise clients to research how festive the neighborhood can get during the holidays. “Some neighborhood associations restrict the types of holiday decorations you can put up, but in some neighborhoods, like those in South Philadelphia, your neighbors will encourage you to participate,” said Blakely Minton, Redfin real estate agent in Philadelphia. “If you’re shopping around for a new home, you should check out the neighborhood this time of year; even if you don’t decorate, if you live next to a Griswold, you’ll have to deal with a lot of street traffic at all hours of the night.”

Redfin agents also suggest evaluating home décor choices for those trying to sell their home. “If you’re the kind of person that goes all out with holiday displays, you may want to scale it back a bit if you’re trying to sell your home,” said Jeff Bale, Redfin real estate agent in Portland. “While simple, classic holiday décor can make your home seem warm and friendly, inflatable Santas and over-the-top lights can turn off potential buyers. That said, if you live in one of these top five neighborhoods, it’s expected that you’ll join your neighbors in the holiday festivities.”


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