Baltimore Post-Examiner unveils friendlier comment procedure

You may have noticed that the web team at Baltimore Post-Examiner recently  installed a new comment system.  We noticed that the old  system was quite hard to use and it required people to sign up with the site.

We are proud to announce that you can now sign up using Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, and if you do not have any of those you can comment using just your name and email.  Of course, you can still use your Baltimore Post-Examiner login.

This new comment system allows the reader an easy way to comment and join in on the discussion.  The Baltimore Post-Examiner loves to hear your comments and we hope that this will make it easier for you to submit your comments.

Below we will break down the many features that can help you join the discussion.

Several ways to login.  All you have to do is write your comment and then you will see the different ways to sign up. 

Join in on the discussion:

The best way to join in the discussion is to check and see what other stories people are currently commenting on by going to the community tab.

Thank you for reading and we look forward to you joining the conversation.  If you have any questions, please email us or drop a comment in the post.