Baltimore City’s Slow Death as Statue Torn Down

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Delegate Kathy Szeliga’s Statement on the Destruction of the Christopher Columbus Statue on Independence Day

Baltimore, MD – Law-abiding citizens of Baltimore City are asking themselves, will leaders protect my family and property or will they stand by and watch with approval, as they did when an angry mob toppled the Christopher Columbus statue in Little Italy and threw it into the harbor?  This is beyond statues; it’s about lawlessness and the approval of it by political and police leadership.

Apparently, this mob justice is exactly what Baltimore City Mayor Jack Young endorses.  Mayor Young wants the City to serve as a “national model,” especially with protesting.  Young’s quote in the Baltimore Sun goes on to say, “‘We’ve seen people who have taken to the streets, we have supported them. We are going to continue to support it. That’s a full stop.”

It is heartbreaking to watch the slow death of Baltimore City. What will be the next victim of mob justice? Despite the pleas from the Italian community and Baltimore County leaders for an opportunity to move the statue, the City leaders have chosen destruction.  Lawlessness is heralded and no one will be held accountable.  The Italian American community has been abandoned and state lawmakers ignored.

City leaders have failed to stop the record high murders that have plagued the City, which are on track to exceed 300 again this year. It’s a crime rate worse than most developing countries. Murder and violent crime is rising yet the politicians are working to defund the police.  And the police are instructed to watch, just as they did under Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake when she said to “give them room to destroy,” during the Freddie Gray riots.  Apparently, Police Chief Michael Harrison was there and watched while rioters felled the statue.

Government’s primary role is to protect the public, as well as public and private property.  The approval or silence by Baltimore City leaders sends a message to law-abiding citizens, businesses, future visitors, and tourists.  The “c” has worn off of Charm City, now we can just hope for no more harm.


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