Baltimore City Council adopts stricter youth curfew law

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Activists protested  outside Baltimore City Hall Monday against a proposed curfew law. On the agenda of the City Council was  Bill No. 13-0261, which opponents claim will “dramatically expand Baltimore’s (youth) curfew law.”

Instead of a newer, harsh curfew law, the protestors want more community and recreations centers and youth-outreach programs and “housing for homeless children.”

To learn more about this controversial issue, check out the Facebook page.   To check out how the new law, if passed, will be tougher than the one currently on the books.

One of the speakers at the demonstration was community activist, Marvin “Doc” Cheatham. At press time, it was disclosed that the Baltimore City Council had voted by a 13 to 2 vote to enact a “stricter curfew law.”

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