Baltimore City Committee passes pro-labor Resolution on Hyatt Regency Hotel dispute

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Baltimore City’s Labor Committee passed a pro-labor Resolution Thursday evening concerning the contractual obligation of the Hyatt Regency Hotel “to honor its direct employment agreement with the cith and enter into a ‘Labor Peace Agreement’ at its Inner Harbor/Light Street Location.”

The Resolution, CC13-0095R, was sponsored by all the members of the City Council and it passed unanimously. One of the witnesses, who testified at the hearing, was from the national union for Unite Here (Local 7).

He said that not only does the City of Baltimore own the land where the hotel is situated, it also “owns the hotel!”

The members of the Committee were taken aback after hearing that statement. The Resolution will now go to the full City Council for a vote this coming Monday evening, March 18th. Councilwomen Mary Pat Clarke, 14th District, a long time champion of the hotel union workers, is a member of the Labor Committee.

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