Baltimore Among the Worst Cities for Dating, Washington, DC is Among the Best          

Many people start dating as teens and continue into their adult years. There are quite a few Boomers on the scene. Dating can be challenging regardless of your age, and the confusion, excitement, anxiety, and mystery are not easy to overcome.

As with everything else, people’s dating needs change with time. Generation Z is not looking to settle down, and Boomers are not trying to start a family, at least in most cases.

Most platforms in the dating nice do regular rankings of the best and worst cities for dating and take several factors into account in the process. These often include the number of dating events and cocktail lounges per capita and the cost of date nights. In addition, they look at the number of dating-related Google searches and the number of single people in the city.

Provo at the top, Baltimore Near the Bottom

The site Apartment List asked 20,000 tenants in 86 cities to rate the city they lived in by dating opportunities. The town of Provo in Utah ranked at the top. Almost half of the singles were happy with their dating opportunities.

Baltimore ranked at no. 58. Just over a fifth of singles reported overall satisfaction. Results couldn’t have been more different for the other major city bordering Maryland, Washington, DC. It ranked near the top, with almost a third of singles reporting dating satisfaction.

What Accounts for the Results?

Almost half of Washington DC’s residents are single; there is plenty of fish in the sea. According to the survey’s authors, a date night only costs around $100 here, this being the traditional dinner and a movie. The average annual salary in DC is just over $80,000, making date nights quite affordable.

The report also points out the availability of exciting dating spots in the city, such as Nationals Park and the Lincoln Memorial.

It seems there is excellent variability in terms of dating in Maryland. How does it look for the other cities?

Google Search Trends

Taking a peek at Google search trends is one common way to grasp a city or a state’s dating scene. More searches mean more people are looking for partners. Of course, this isn’t to say dating will be successful there. It only means people are looking. Baltimore gets the top spot for the highest volume of search traffic, just ahead of the Salisbury area. Washington DC rounds out the top three.

There are tons of singles in Germantown, Waldorf, Columbia, and Silver Spring.

What to Look for in a Maryland Dating App

The best apps and sites cover the major cities and all towns and boroughs across the Old Line State. The sites are either fully responsive on mobile or come with a free downloadable mobile iOS and Android mobile app.

Look for a dating site with a free trial membership to check out the features at your convenience. You don’t want to be rushed or charged excessively while browsing the member community. Dating apps that come with free trial accounts do not ask for payment information when you register, just an email so you can sign up. Ideally, the trial should not have a time limit. You can’t expect to have access to as many features as you would if you paid. You can always upgrade if it seems to make sense to you.