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Computer backup plan: Do you have one?

For some this may be a no brainer, but you would be surprised how many do not back up their computers or do not back it up often enough. Backing up a computer is not very high the priority list for users until, of course, they lose all of their information, and then its too late.

Back up all of your information (pictures, music, videos, documents, etc.) on a regular basis to an external hard drive and it will save you money in the long run. In all of my days helping people with their computers, I have seen so many people lose very important and precious information because they did not back up their computer. Countless things  can happen to your computer, which can cause you to lose all of your data. There are ways to recover data off most hard drives but they can sometimes be hard to do. I will be covering just a few recovery techniques in up coming blog posts. External hard drives are very affordable and are getting cheaper all the time. Some good places to pick up that drive can be found at or

To help you with this process of backing up a computer,  many programs are out there that will help you seamlessly back up your computer on a regular basis. If you have a Mac, you have a very nice program that comes on your computer called Time Machine. This is a very easy  program to use and pretty much does all the hard work for you. It allows you to set up the program to perform regular scheduled backups. If you have a PC there are a few different programs you can use that are equally as easy to use. The first option for PCs is Allway Sync. The free and paid versions can be found at The second one that I would recommend is Comodo Backup. It is a great free service and you can find it at Both of these programs have very similar features as Time Machine.

To sum up this whole blog post you should buy a external hard drive and avoid many future headaches.

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