Awesome Gifts for Space Lovers

Stars, constellations, the night sky, planets – all of these appeal to all space lovers. For some space lovers, planetariums are like their second home. They all wonder about the mysteries of the universe and are excited by every single discovery related to space.

Over the last few decades, so many amazing space-themed movies have influenced some of our friends to continuously think about other planets and take an interest in various galaxies.

So many of us humans have at some point imagined being an astronaut, thanks to stories like Star Trek, 2001 a Space Odyssey, Star Wars, Interstellar, and so on.

Gifting people with love for space is not an easy task, especially when you are aiming to be economical.

While there are pretty costly and high-end presents for a space lover, such as a telescope, there are plenty of other personable gifts that are worth more than their rather inexpensive price tag.

Are you having trouble catering to a friend or a loved one’s interest in space? Is everything just way out of budget for you?

Here are the top 5 gifts for space lovers that we proudly recommend:

Star Map (Twinkle in Time)

Twinkle in Time offers a sensational product that combines both the sentimentality within a gift and an element of space. Through this company, you could order an 18’’x24’’ framed star map that artistically illustrates the exact way in which stars in the sky looked on a specific date and location requested.

This star map can make a great home on the coffee table or a living room wall, as well as bring joy to your space-loving friend. It is a great commemoration of a significant date, such as a wedding, first date, birth of a child, etc.

Even for someone with no interest in space, it is a very beautiful gift to give in order to highlight a special event in a romantic, loving or unique way.

Apart from being a great addition to any home, a space lover would greatly appreciate this present for sure. Get a Twinkle in Time star map for that avid space lover.

Planetary Glass Set

Why not have one of your space-loving friends wake up to some orange juice in a

suitable cup for them? Give them a glass set that they would definitely enjoy using at all times of the day.

Get them a  Planetary Glass Set by ThinkGeek. It is exactly what it sounds like – a set of glass cups that represent each planet of the solar system, as well as the Sun and Pluto. While the Sun and Pluto are different sizes, the rest are represented by glasses of equal sizes.

The glass set is not a stained glass or blown glass design, but rather a design achieved through a high-temperature heat wrap. In addition to this, the representation of each planet is not only beautiful but also extremely accurate, which will absolutely make any space lover happy.

While the 10 pieces of the glass set cost $55, the gift is well worth the buck due to its durable quality, making it one that will last long.

Moon Light Ball

Another great decoration within a space lover’s home is a nice moonlight ball on a
nightstand. Not too big, not too small, this present is just right for the right kind of friend.

Designed with realistic crater formations, the Moonlight Ball by Paladone is a one-of-a-kind experience, not to mention an inexpensive one at only $14.

Turn it on in the daylight or during nighttime, and have your space-loving friend show it off either in their living room or even as a form of illumination in a dark closet.

There’s not much better than giving that space lover a cool element to their home, which adds a spooky, space-like feel.

Astronaut Ice Cream

While space lovers can observe all of the elements of space they love, such as stars and occasionally constellations and planets, not many can experience the little things during space travel. It is a great idea to make them enjoy a fun aspect of being an astronaut.

We cannot all be astronauts, but we can at least have an experience like them with the Neopolitan Astronaut Ice Cream for only $10.

Offered in different flavors, including strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate, this product is maintained at -40 degrees Fahrenheit and provides the ultimate space experience that a space-lover will sincerely appreciate.

The astronaut ice cream is vacuum dried and ready to eat. No refrigeration needed with this product.

Make your space fanatic friend enjoy being an astronaut for a bit with a nice bowl of this ice cream.

Spaceman USB Light

A nice small gift that still tailors to space loving qualities of your friend is a Spaceman USB light that can be plugged into a laptop, or any other device that has a USB port.

The Spaceman USB by Soondar Creative can be twisted and turned in any way possible, and the light is turned on and off by flipping the astronaut’s visor (how cool is that?).

This LED light makes for a great partner in the form of this astronaut staring down the keyboard one is typing on or maybe even a book one is reading (even better if it’s a space novel).

This could be just another extra object laying around for space lovers which totally adds to their persona. A nice little useful present which you can get for only $8.39.

While space lovers wish they play more of a part in the experience of space travel, and other related journeys, these little presents can be the next best thing.

From a star map all the way to a USB portable light, not only are these gifts simple and inexpensive, but also specifically made for space loving friends we know we have. They will absolutely feel like their hobbies and interests are catered to in your next present for them.

Consider all of the awesome gifts listed above for space lovers, and them that you made an effort to incorporate their personality.