Automatic Passenger Counting Systems: All you need to know

Fleet management for vehicles like taxis and cabs that transport passengers require the use of an automatic passenger counting system. The boarding and alighting data are crucial for both the fleet owners and management. The best part is that APC systems can be installed by an expert with ease and synchronized with remote gadgets in order for the fleet management to monitor in real time.

This electronic device can come with a variety of technologies depending on the manufacturers or the fleet management solutions providers who will be providing it. However, as the fleet owner, you need to select an option with a high degree of accuracy and reliability.

Features of the Best APC System

  • Real-time passenger counting – the sensors are installed at the doors to sense the details of every passenger who gets in. Buses and cabs are currently using the technology with great success. They record details of passengers who are boarding and alighting and transmit it in real time to the fleet management output screen.
  • Video transmission – sophisticated APC systems now have incorporated smart cameras to detect and analyze the faces of the boarding passengers. This adds to the accuracy by eliminating double counting especially when the driver has to use the same door for other reasons. It also doubles as a security feature in case there is an emergency.
  • Route data – again, the APC systems are not just simple passenger counting technology. They also map and track the route that the driver is using. This is especially useful for cabs that charge by distance. It is also the same feature that informs the fleet owners and management where their vehicles are at any one time.
  • Data analysis – apart from the above features, the APC system is not complete if it does not have the capability to analyze the data it collects. This happens back in the office or on the mobile platform synced with the device. It can generate various reports that the management and the owner want to see. Apart from the number of passengers, it also shows the trend for peak and off-peak hours.

The Technology Used by APC

As the fleet manager or the owner, it is crucial to learn about the technology used by APC. As mentioned earlier, the level of sophistication varies from one manufacturer to another. Here is the common technology used.

  • Infrared – this technology is applied in many areas, and APC is one of them. The infrared beams cannot be seen by human beings, but they shine against them as they alight or board the vehicles. According to reports, the beams can detect whether you are getting in or out with a high degree of accuracy.
  • CCTV – advanced technology in APC involves the use of smart cameras. They have the capability to count people who are boarding or alighting the vehicles with a higher accuracy than the infrared beams.


Using an APC system does not only increase the profit margins of your business but also provides data useful for planning. Make sure that your transit fleet vehicles have this technology installed and managed by experts at all times.