Author Ieshia Leverette Offers Inspiring Advice in Her Debut Book 

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“Where you come from doesn’t define where you’re going. And, once you get where you’re going, don’t get too comfortable.”

That’s the motto that Ieshia Leverette lives by, and the type of wisdom she imparts on readers of her new book, “Naked Truth”. Leverette is a successful business woman turned author.

“Naked Truth” is a spiritually-empowering book,  and is based on true events in Leverette’s life. The book is the first book in a three-part series, because, according to Leverette, there’s no way she could fit the whole story into one book.

Each book has its own voice based on who I was at that time. ‘Naked Truth’ is my first time-capsule of who I was, how I spoke, how I thought at that time,” she says. 

Leverette offers no-holds-barred, and straightforward advice to readers of “Naked Truth” .

“No matter the journey you travel, the path you take, or how long it takes if you keep going, you will find yourself creating a way to become who you deserve to be. You may think you have a hard life, but the fact of the matter is that everyone has a story.”

More information about Ieshia Leverette and her first book, “Naked Truth” can be found on her website.