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Author Ann Hornaday, the film critic for The Washington Post, made an appearance Friday at the Ivy Bookshop on the Falls Road. She read from her book, “Talking Pictures: How to Watch Movies.”
Presently, a resident of Baltimore, Hornaday had, earlier in her career, worked reviewing movies for the “Baltimore Sun” and “Austin-American Statesman.” She is very fond of classic films, actors and playwrights from Hollywood’s “Golden Era.” In that category you will find legendary films, such as: “Citizen Kane,” “On the Waterfront” and “Casablanca.”
She recalled how she has gotten into doing movie reviews almost “by accident.” Hornaday started off in journalism as a reporter – a “generalist.” Part of her job was talking to the artists, who put the films togethers, such as the actors, directors and screen play creators. This is what led her into doing movie critiques.
One bit of advice, she would like to convey to the budding film critics is this: “Don’t give too much away in your review of the film!” Don’t be a “spoiler.”
Hornaday underscored the importance of the screenplay and the acting to the making a good, memorable movie. She said one director told her: “If I cast it well, it’s 90 percent done.”
Emma Synder (l) with Ann Hornaday (r)

The director, of course, Hornaday underscored, plays a pivotal role. He/she can “make or break a film.”

Hornaday also gave a heads-up on the movie, “Dunkirk,” which has just been released. She said it was a “visual” classic. Dunkirk deals with the successful evacuation of Allied troops, during WWII, from the French town of Dunkirk, just as the Nazis were closing in.
A capacity audience was in attendance for the program. A spirited Q&A session followed Hornaday’s remarks. She was introduced by Emma Snyder, co-owner of the Ivy Bookshop. At the end of the event, Snyder presented Hornaday with an Ivy Bookshop cup.
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