Ask These Questions Before You Hire an Immigration Attorney

If you are seeking to hire a foreign employee or gain citizenship for yourself or a family member, you will need a trained attorney by your side. If you are looking for an immigration lawyer in Hollywood, you will want to find one who has good references and a solid reputation with the Florida Bar Association. They should be well versed in immigration law and have many years of experience in dealing with the federal courts. There are a few questions you should ask to make sure an attorney is right for you.

1. Does this firm specialize in immigration law?

Believing that a person can handle your legal case simply because they are an attorney is a common mistake. Immigration laws are very complex and the criteria for becoming a citizen is subject to subtle changes.

An immigration law firm will be staffed with paralegals who are trained in researching each individual case. A well-seasoned immigration attorney will keep up to date on new laws affecting naturalization and work visas. They will know the United States policy towards each individual country and will be able to move your paperwork along in the smoothest and timeliest manner.

2. Have you ever handled a case like mine?

There are many different facets of immigration law. You may need a visa for work or you may be seeking political asylum. You may wish to marry an American or you may need to extend a visa to take care of a sick relative. Each type of immigration comes with its own set of paperwork and specific rules. There are even many different kinds of work visas.

Be sure to ask your attorney if they have had experience in dealing with your specific type of case and if they have ever dealt with immigration from your country of origin.

3. Will I deal with you directly?

You should deal with one main attorney from the time your case begins to the time it ends. All attorneys have secretaries and assistance who may occasionally contact you or answer your questions. However, having one lawyer assigned to your case is very beneficial. Immigration paperwork is very detailed and information can get lost in translation if you have too many attorneys dealing with one case.

4. How will you go about handling my case?

Your attorney should be able to tell you the basic steps that you will need to take to complete your application. They should be able to let you know about typical challenges that may arise in your case and tell you how they will deal with them.

5. How much will you charge me?

Whenever you are hiring a lawyer for any reason, you should always ask them how much you should expect to pay. Immigration costs may vary a bit, but they should be able to give you a ballpark figure.

It is also helpful if the staff of an immigration law firm is multilingual and if its attorneys belong to professional organizations dealing with immigration law.

The diversity of the United States is part of its strength and its citizenry is comprised of immigrants. If you select the right attorney you have a good chance of becoming a resident of a country that has the attention of the whole world.