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Apple’s new Maps app could spell the end for GPS systems

You may have heardthat Apple has dropped Google maps from their phones in the upcoming release.  Because of how bad the past Google maps app has been I have been using the MapQuest app, which has recently been completely redone.  So the big question is, has Apple come up with a good GPS app or will you still have to download a replacement?

I took to the road to find out.

I chose a destination about 45 minutes away to get a good feel for how it worked.

I put in my destination and boom right away it popped up with three different routes that I could use and calculated an ETA for each route.  I chose the one that would get me there the soonest and I was on my way.

Example of Apple’s traffic reports.

The GPS will calculate and change your route if there is heavy traffic ahead.  The GPS also will let you know of accidents roadwork and more.  This feature will become much more refined when it is released in the fall.

Full Integration

What I noticed right away was the full integration with the phone.  No matter if you are in another app or if your phone is locked it will show you the 3D map.  This integration is not available in MapQuest’s app.   Also if you are making two turns very close together it will alert you of the next turn that needs to be made.


One of the coolest features  is Flyover.  Just search for a major city and click 3D and you can explore the many different buildings from the air with photo-realistic, interactive 3D views.

Local Search

If you are in a area that you don’t know very well, no problem just use the GPS to search for locations near you

and click on them to get reviews and information from Yelp.


To top all of this off, you can find out how to get anywhere you want just by talking to Siri. So you don’t have to take your eyes off theroad.The app works with Siri.

When can I get this?

The new Apple GPS system will be available in the fall with their release of IOS 6.0.  This is a very anticipated update for the mapping system because of the lack of features and turn-by-turn navigation in previous versions of the Google app.  This app will  be the only app that you will need for directions and we are very close to the end of separate GPS systems.

Extra:  It has been reported that Apple will add check-ins to it’s mapping system.  Is this a FourSquare killer?  We shall see.

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